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How to renew the unemployment card in Extremadura

The renewal of the unemployment card ceased to be automatic from June 2021

With the arrival of the Covid, the renewal of the unemployment card became automatic, but with the ‘new normality’, stamping the demand card was once again in person and the virtual method was also established. Most administrative tasks were digitized. Among them, ‘signing the strike’, a measure that was taken so that citizens eligible for the amount could collect the benefit without having to go through the office.

Now the unemployment claim can be sealed from any mobile phone without having to go to an office. Renewing your unemployment benefit online is a very common task as it takes only a few minutes. It is not necessary to be registered on the Sexpe website, simply locate the direct access in the Demand Renewal in the Virtual Office. Once the website is ‘clicked’ you will have to enter the DNI or NIE, together with the mobile phone and click on the accept label. Once the process is finished, the job demand will have been updated.

In this way, it will not be necessary to go to the office and have to make an appointment. In order to carry out this renewal, the following steps must be carried out:


What documents do I need

For the effective development of the booklet it is necessary to have the DNI number at hand, which will later be entered on the web. Following the steps we will advance for the renewal of unemployment. You will even have to have the document that proves the renewal of the demand (DARDE) to obtain the date of the service stamp. To finish you will have to have the password to access the web. You must have this password once you have registered at the employment office as an applicant or when requesting registration as a new user.

The renewal of your card can be done when you access the Sexpe website. Once inside the web page you will have to look for the label «Registration and renewal of demand». After clicking, an icon is displayed at the bottom where it appears, “manage your demand by clicking here”, you will have to select it to be able to carry out the renewal.


Add personal data

Once the previous step has been carried out, a new tab «Citizen Services Catalogue» will appear where it is necessary to include the DNI. Later you will have to add the security characters to be able to finish the task, you will have to indicate the option « send ».

Once the last step has been completed, you will be able to see the following label ‘Citizen services catalogue’, where you will have to add your DNI. To finish you will have to include the security characters and click on ‘send’.


When would I have to renew again?

Once the entire process has been completed, a new job application card will be obtained on which a new renewal date will appear. It is recommendable to download it to always have it on your computer.

Recommendations for renewal

Once the card has been renewed, it is advisable to write down the dates assigned for each renewal. In this way we will avoid any sanction by the SEXPE. Likewise, it is also advisable to download and print the DARDE.

This June the number of unemployed has fallen by 1,433 people, out of a total of 84,729 unemployed.

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