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How to request money for Bizum from several friends at the same time

When a group of friends go out to dinner and we agree to pay half for dinner, the best thing is to use Bizum, since we have a system at our disposal by which we will be able to request an amount of money from several people at the same time. The easiest way to share the payment of something.

The truth is that in a world in which smartphones are the center of everyday life for many people and when it comes to paying it is increasingly used.

That is why applications like Bizum have become so important and essential, since they allow us to manage payments in an extremely simple way and everything from our smartphone.

The entire world of Banking is increasingly digitized and in this field, applications such as Bizum are perfect for continuing on this path.

What is Bizum?

We must make it clear that Bizum is a Technological platform to connect different devices, but what is the money management system belongs only to each one of the banks.

The good thing we have with this platform is that it doesn’t matter which bank you do it with, it works the same way in all of them.

We depend on our bank having contracted this service so that its customers can enjoy this instant form of payment between usersbecause that is exactly what Bizum is, a system by which a user can send money to another.

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How does Bizum work?

The first thing we must do is sign up for our bank’s Bizum service and once we have done so, we can start sending money.

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More or less in all the apps the money sending system is similar:

  • It’s as simple as going to the Bizum section of our bank’s app and clicking Send money.
  • At that time we will ask the recipient. in Bizum phone number is used to identify the person we are going to send the money to.
  • we can put it by handthat is, number by number, or absolve it from the contact list of the mobile.
  • Once selected or selected, we put the amount to send and then allows us put a conceptsomething that is not mandatory.
  • We will click on Confirm (Send) and ready.
  • If the amount is less than or equal to 20 euros there is no key missing, otherwise they will send one by means of an SMS to our mobile phone.

The person or persons that we have marked as recipients will receive the amount of money at the moment and without any type of waiting.

It is a simple and fast way to transfer money to someone. Much more comfortable than making a transfer. Also, as you might have guessed, Bizum is freesomething that does not occur in all bank transfers and less so in instant ones.

Request money in Bizum from several friends

As you have already seen, sending money is extremely simple. Well, requesting money maintains the same line of simplicity, either through a single person or several at the same time.

This is a good solution when paying for a dinner among many, buying a gift for someone together or planning the expenses of a trip among friends, to give you several examples.

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The best way to charge for any of these situations that we have talked about (and many others) is Bizum, because you make things easier for others, but at the same time you also send a reminder to that friend you you always forget to pay.

To achieve this, you must enter the Bizum section of the bank’s app.

  • Once inside, instead of clicking Send as before, we must enter Apply for.
  • The rest is executed pretty much the same as what we saw when sending money.
  • Must select the recipients to whom we want our request to reach. As we mentioned before, we can put them by hand, that is, by writing each of the digits of their phone number or by going to the contacts of our terminal and selecting it from there.
  • Once selected, we put the matter that each of them have to send us and then we can put the concept to which that request for money is due.
  • Next, we will receive a code by SMS that we must enter and then click on Confirm, so that the requests are sent.

If we are the ones who receive the request, we must make sure that everything is correct, that is, that it is the amount that we had agreed and then give an answer.

While the shipments do not need any response, that is, we receive them without further ado, in the requests the thing changes: Let’s see how it is:

  • We will receive a notification where it says You have received a request. You will see how the person who sent it tells you and in concept of what and asks you if you want to pay it, being able to accept or reject this notice.
  • We must note that everything is what we had agreed and that you receive it from the person you expected. Obviously, if we do not expect any Bizum, it is best to reject it.
  • At the moment that everything is checked and correct, we should accept the requestwhich corroborates the sending of that money to the requesting person,
  • To confirm it completely, you must enter the bank’s app and confirm. For security reasons, there must be a second validation of the operation.
  • If by chance it is not correct and we reject itwe must know that the request ends up disappearing and expiring after 7 days.
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The main advice to avoid getting into any trouble when it comes to money requests is to never accept a request for money that you do not know where or who it comes from.

From there, and knowing what Bizum is, how it works, how money is sent, how a request is sent to various people, and how you should respond when you receive one, you will have the best foundations to understand, in addition to managing, this payment system. so extremely fast and at a distance.

If you have decided to use it, tell us what your experience has been, if it was what you expected before using it, what problems or doubts have arisen and if you have decided to use it often.

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