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How to request the cancellation for positive Covid and how much is charged?

Workers who test positive for COVID have the right to take leave for temporary disability. This requires an administrative process and it is important that the employee fill out all the papers to certify your withdrawal, otherwise the company could sanction you for absenteeism. Social Security provides economic coverage for workers who fall ill or must keep mandatory quarantine due to close contact with a positive, which varies depending on the contract and the company in which the worker is employed. These are the keys to requesting the low covid and knowing how much the benefit for temporary disability amounts.

I give positive in an antigen test or PCR, what should I do to get the low?

When a employee of the positive in coronavirus after undergoing a antigen test or to a test PCR you must first report your positive to your primary care center (CAP) for reference. The covid protocol also requires that, in case of testing positive after self-testing for antigens, the worker can notify a pharmacy of the positive. And it is advisable to do it by phone, not in person. To do this, you must be accredited with your DNI and inform about the brand of the antigen test used.

Once the positive has been registered, the worker must wait for them to contact him to check his health status and process the sick leave, with all the documentation that the worker must then send to his company. An SMS will be sent to the infected person. In said SMS, the positive will be informed of how to perform isolation and the steps to take to process their sick leave (if required). Well, the first decision of the health authority will depend on the self-diagnosis of the worker himself.

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If I test positive, is it mandatory to always take the leave?

No, a person who is positive is not required to always leave due to temporary disability. The sick leave is designed for those people who, due to symptoms, cannot carry out any work activity and require rest. Or for those people who, although they are well, must remain isolated to avoid contagion and cannot telework. If the person is physically well, he may not take the leave, this will depend on the self-diagnosis that the worker himself makes and notifies the health authority, since it will be based on the same that the health authority will manage (or not) the leave from work .

Is it mandatory to inform the company that I have covid? What papers do I have to present?

The worker has the obligation to report to the company that he is ill and the doctor has given him leave due to temporary disability. It is not mandatory to notify that one is sick with covid, due to a question of the right to privacy, although it is recommended that the company’s occupational risk prevention service be specified that the disease is covid, so that it can track the close contacts.

Regarding the notice period, the law establishes that the worker has Three working days to send the company the low part, counting from the moment in which the doctor has processed the discharge. If the worker does not deliver the relevant documentation to the company, he can be filed for it as if it were an unjustified absence.

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I am a self-employed worker, do I have the right to take the leave?

The workers Freelancers also have the right to take leave due to covid. Among their mandatory contributions to Social Security is the contribution for common contingencies, which covers contagion by covid (which is considered a common disease). To unsubscribe they must follow the same steps described above and once they have the unsubscribe they should contact their mutual collaborator. All the self-employed are obliged to contract the services of one when they register with Social Security. They should contact her by phone and follow the steps indicated by said mutual to send them the withdrawal form and other required documentation.

How much is charged during a low covid?

Social Security has established that the benefit for leave for temporary disability it is equated for the purposes of collection to a sick leave due to an accident at work. This implies that the worker will collect his benefit from the first day that the doctor notified him of the leave. The first day will charge the 100% of the regulatory base of your salary and from the second you will receive the 75%. Said benefit does not contemplate the part of the salary that depends on bonuses for objectives or other variable remuneration to complement their salary.

For some salaried workers, they may be able to charge more if their collective agreement so pick it up. It is common for certain agreements to include special coverage and for companies to supplement IT benefits from the second day, although those drafted do not specifically mention covid and this issue is being the subject of differences between companies and workers, according to union sources. Differences that are usually settled with companies limiting themselves to the minimum contemplated by law.

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