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How to save on the electricity bill (before the rise that comes)

Electricity bills.

Electricity bills.
Julio Carbo

The eternal struggle to make light cheaper seems lost. There is no way. In fact, as of June 1, the new electricity rate it will be more expensive, so you need to rethink how to save on the electricity bill.

First of all it is important know them hours of light that will mark the energy price throughout the day. There will be hours when electricity will be more expensive, others when the price will be intermediate and others, called off-peak hours, in which the light will be more economical. In order to Vicente Inglada, secretary of the Union of Consumers of the Valencian Community, this time division will lead users to “have to plan household chores in advance or change habits. “A matter that will not be easy given that each person has their lives organized according to their work, their children and even their leisure time.

In order to carry out this planning, Inglada recommends wait for the arrival of the next electricity bill since it will contain detailed information on the energy consumption habits of each home. That is, a breakdown of at what times of the day electricity is used the most.

What are the time slots of the light

The electricity price schedule has been divided into three sections:

  • Rush hours: are the hours when electricity will be most expensive. These hours are from 10 am to 2 pm and from 6 pm to 10 pm.
  • Plain hours: the price is intermediate and will be from 8 to 10; from 2pm to 6pm and from 10pm to midnight.
  • Valley hours: the cost of electricity is cheaper and it is when it is recommended to carry out tasks that involve an appliance. It will be from 00.00 to 8.00 hours. National holidays and weekends are also considered off-peak hours.

Another novelty that the implementation of the new electricity bill will bring is that it will be possible hire two powers in each home, Yes indeed, one of them must always be in the off-peak time slot. Inglada explains that this is marked by the Government’s intention to promote the electric vehicle among consumers. “Starting at 00.00 hours, the batteries of this type of car or motorbike can be recharged and it will be cheaper for your pocket,” commented the secretary of the Unió de Consumidors in ÀPunt.

Tips to save on the electricity bill

To “avoid surprises” with the surcharge of the new electricity rate, this expert gives some advice that can be applied on a day-to-day basis depending on the habits of each person and the contracted electrical power. In addition to scheduling household chores, like putting in a washing machine, dishwasher, or ironing, there are small gestures that can be a substantial change on the electricity bill.

  1. opt for efficient appliances consume less and are able to retain energy.

  2. Turn off appliances at all and not leave them in stand by. The light that remains on indicates that the appliance continues to consume, so whenever possible they should be unplugged.

  3. Change the bulbs for light LED. It is an investment but it is profitable so, as far as allowed, it is advisable to replace traditional bulbs or halogen spotlights with LED technology.

  4. Review the consumption peaks in the house. Knowing at what times of the day more energy is consumed will help to contract the necessary power and reorganize domestic customs.

  5. Verify the contracted power: “In this regard, many people live beyond their means because they don’t need that much,” says Inglada.

“The bill will go up for the vast majority”

Although there is talk that this new electricity pricing will mean a reduction in the bill for around 19 million consumers, the truth is that it will not be like that for the majority. The cost reduction will mainly affect those who are covered by the regulated tariff (PVPC) without hourly discrimination. For them, the new electricity bill could lead to savings of 3.4%, according to estimates by the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC).

However, for the rest, it will be considerably more expensive unless particular habits are adopted at the new light hours. “There is talk of a saving of 20 to 25% in the bill but that will be for those who do it very well, the vast majority will notice a rise. ”

And what does it mean to do it very well? Well, measures as impractical as iron from midnight or get up an hour earlier to put a washing machine. Even trying not to start several appliances once, a somewhat complicated goal especially in the morning: make coffee, take a hot shower, make toast, dry your hair … electricity has been with us since we take out the foot of the bed. For Inglada, achieving a relief in the electricity bill will even entail modifying our customs. “After working all week, the least you want to do is work at home on weekends, but it’s time to take advantage of the off-peak hours of the new pricing.”

The time sections with the new electricity rate.


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