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How to seal unemployment online, step by step

One of the requirements for collect unemployment, the unemployment benefit waves extraordinary aid is that workers seal every ninety days to rto increase the demand for employment or card DARDE (Document for Registration and Renewal of the Job Application). The objective of the requirement of the renewal of unemployment is to demonstrate that the beneficiary of the benefit or subsidy continues to be unemployed and that, therefore, maintains its right to receive the benefit that corresponds to him.

The renewal of the job application is a procedure that is the responsibility of the regional services of job. During the coronavirus crisis, the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy ordered that the renewal of unemployment be automatic, in order to avoid crowds of people in public administration offices. As of July 2021, this measure is no longer valid and in almost all autonomous communities it is mandatory to seal unemployment.

Which Communities still maintain automatic renewal?

Currently there is only one autonomous community in which the sealing of the stop is automatic waiting to see how the coronavirus health crisis evolves. It’s about the Valencian Community, in whose territory the renewal of the but will be automatic until November 1, 2021.

When do you have to seal the strike?

The job demand it is renewed every three months, on the date indicated by the employment office itself. In order to speed up the procedures normally no need to make an appointment to do this procedure and even can be done online Through the website of the Public Employment Service of the corresponding Autonomous Community.

The non-renewal of the unemployment card, if a benefit or subsidy is being received, is considered a minor offense that is punishable by loss of rights. Therefore, if the renewal date has been overlooked, the situation must be resolved as soon as possible.

How to seal unemployment online step by step

This procedure must be carried out in the Autonomous Employment Services, with the exception of Ceuta and Melilla, which is carried out at the Electronic Headquarters of the SEPE. The sealing of the stoppage can be done 24 hours a day on which said renewal corresponds. These are the websites where you can seal the internet strike in each autonomous community:


It is carried out through the management area of ​​the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE). In addition, it is possible to renew the DARDE through the mobile phone (iPhone and Android).


You can renew the strike online at the headquarters of the Aragonese Employment Institute (INAEM).


The strike must be sealed on the website of the Trabajastur Public Employment Service.

Balearic Islands

Applicants must go to the Occupation Service of the Balearic Islands (SOIB) in its section on employment-related services.

Canary Islands

Within the website of the Government of the Canary Islands in procedures and services, renewal of the DARDE demand, unemployment can be booked online.


The Emploa Cantabria website is responsible for renewing the unemployment card through its electronic headquarters.

Castilla la Mancha

Residents in Castilla-La Mancha can stamp from the Virtual Office of the Ministry of Economy, Business and Employment.

Castile and Leon

The Public Employment Service of Castilla y León (ECYL) can digitally seal the unemployment from its website. In addition, this Community has an application to be able to renew it from the mobile phone.


It is renewed from the virtual office of the Catalan Employment Service (SOC) through the

Valencian Community

The Valencià d’Ocupació i Formació Service (LABORA) of the Generalitat Valenciana can seal the DARDE card. You must be registered and have the keys provided by the administration.


The Extremadura Public Employment Service (SEXPE) in the portal where the demand must be renewed. You can stamp it online from this link.


The Xunta through the Entrepreneurship Office offers the possibility of renewing the job request from its virtual office, from the MOBEM mobile application and through the Information Points.

The Rioja

The La Rioja government website in its section on Claimants’ web services offers the possibility of renewing the claim using a digital certificate or electronic DNI.

Madrid’s community

The Employment Office of the Community of Madrid continues to maintain


The Regional Service for Employment and Training of the Region of Murcia (SEFCARM) has this specific section for sealing the strike or asking what day the claim should be renewed.


The website of the Government of Navarra offers the possibility of managing the job demand, file the demand or check the date of the next renewal. If this is the first time you have to seal the unemployment online, you have to go to the National Employment Service (SNE) portal and activate the profile.

Basque Country

The Basque Employment Service (LANBIDE) is the web portal where the applicant card must be stamped. If it is the first time or the key and password have been lost, you can obtain a new one by accessing “My Lanbidenet” or by sending an SMS to 638 444 223 with the text: “LANDARDE (space) nº (the one that appears in DNI / NIE ) “or” LANDARSE (space) nº (the one that appears in the DARDE after the W) “.

Ceuta and melilla

It is carried out through the Electronic Headquarters of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE). You will have to identify yourself through an electronic DNI, Cl @ ve system or digital certificate.

What if I forgot to seal the stoppage?

For collect unemployment benefits is mandatory register as a job seeker and renew demand while you are collecting these benefits. Yes you forget to renew the demand, a sanctioning procedure will be initiated for a minor infringement that may lead to the loss of a month’s benefit. If you don’t renew it a second time, you will lose three months. If it is repeated a third time, it will lose six months, and if for the fourth time you do not renew, you will lose the benefit.

For these cases of recidivism, it is not necessary that the non-compliance always be of the same type (in this case, not to renew the job application). Therefore, this scale will be applied from the first offense, when no more than 365 days have elapsed between a minor offense and the previous one.

Tips to seal the Internet strike

  • The most important thing is that don’t rest on your laurels. Always try renew online at dawn of the day that corresponds to you. In this way, if there is a problem with the computer, the connection or the password, you can always go to any employment office and stamp there in person.

  • Keep a copy of the management. Always print the receipt of the renewed claim as a receipt. If you don’t have a printer, save the document in pdf as proof. You can also send it to your own email address to keep it there. This document, called DARDE (+ info), is very important, since it is the only one that certifies that you have correctly renewed your job application.
  • Remember the next date to seal the strike. Set an alarm with the next renewal date. The next date on which you will have to renew it appears in the application renewal document itself. You can create an alarm on your mobile phone for that day, or write it down on a calendar in a visible place in your house, for example on the fridge.

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