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How to sleep fast | The military trick to fall asleep in just two minutes

How to sleep fast |  The military trick to fall asleep in just two minutes

How to sleep fast | The military trick to fall asleep in just two minutes
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Many of us find it difficult get back to the routine after the holidays and one of the things that costs us the most is to recover the sleeping habits. After staying up late in the summer, you may To fall asleep become mission impossible. Surely it has happened to you on more than one occasion. No matter how tired you are, sometimes it is so difficult for you to fall asleep that you spend hours tossing and turning in bed, glancing at the alarm clock every so often, until you finally fall into Morpheus’s arms. The insomnia is without a doubt the Sleep disorder more common in the general population. According to a study by the Spanish Sleep Society, 20.8% of those over 15 years of age present at least one insomnia symptom in our country, happening three nights a week. That is why many seek methods of falling asleep and sleeping tricks, in a desperate attempt to fight insomnia and learn how to sleep fast. For this reason, we show you this sleeping method, which is back in fashion, used by the US Navy in the 80s.

In addition to having a series of healthy habits every day, to put an end to this sleep disorder there are a series of techniques that can help you sleep: formula 10-3-2-1-0 from Craig Ballantyne, 4-7-8, and so on. However, in recent weeks one method of sleep has stood out above the rest and has gone viral on the Internet.

This technique used by the United States Navy first appeared in the book ´Relax and Win: Championship Performance´ (1981) by Lloyd Bud Winter. However, it has not been until recently that it has resurfaced on the Net thanks to the portal.

Although it is not current, the fact that this method promises to put you asleep in just two minutes has gotten followers from all over the world to join it.

How to sleep fast? Follow these steps and you will get it in just two minutes

  • Start by relaxing the muscles in your face, including your jaw, tongue, and those around your eyes.

  • Once the muscles of the face have relaxed, you should do the same with those of the rest of the body. For that, start by dropping your shoulders as low as possible to reduce tension. Then relax the upper and lower part of one arm and then do the same with the other.

  • Next comes the breath. Begin to inhale and exhale to relax your chest.

  • Finally, relax your legs, starting with the thighs and ending with the calves.

And what happens now? Lloyd Bud Winter suggests that, after following the steps above and clearing your mind for ten seconds, imagine one of the following three situations.

  1. You are lying in a canoe, on a calm lake and with only a blue sky above you.

  2. You are curled up in a black velvet hammock in a completely dark room.

  3. Imagine saying “don’t think, don’t think, don’t think” over and over for ten seconds.

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