Tuesday, April 9

How to take a screenshot on the computer

When you are working or just watching a video on computerthere are times when you can love capture images of what is being seen.

It can also happen that it is a text and you want to enlarge it to read it better or simply to save it and/or print it on paper.


For all this, it is necessary to take a screenshot on the computer and, later, crop the image -because the screenshot will take up the entire screen, including the internet bar- or enlarge the image to the full width of the screen and , subsequently make the capture.

To take the screenshot, just hit the “print pa” or “ImpPnt” (print screen) which is on the top row of the computer keyboard -where the commands F1, F2…- are to the right. You can also put “PrtScrn” (“print screen”, which means print screen in English).

Capture on Mac

From a Mac, you have to hold down the three keys shift, command and 4. With these three pressed at the same time, you select the area of ​​the screen that you want to capture.

Whether the computer is a PC or a Mac, once the capture is done, it can be pasted into a WhatsApp or an email to send, with the commands ctrl + V (to paste the image, which is stored on the clipboard) or with the “paste” directly.

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There are many programs with which to open a blank screen that allows you to paste that capture: IrfanView, FastStone Image Viewer, Photos… any of them allows you to paste the image and, later, download it to the computer to cut it, send it, etc. .

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