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How to take care of your feet in summer

How to take care of your feet in summer

How to take care of your feet in summer

The season of flip-flops and sandals has finally arrived. Our feet come to light after months in hiding and sheltering.

And although we all really want to show them, feet in summer suffer and a lot.

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The first problems begin when we take the most summery footwear out of the closet and the first days we suffer chafing, friction or overload for wearing sandals that do not support the foot well.

To avoid this, the Official College of Podiatrists of the Valencian Community recalls that “it is essential to prepare them properly and choose their footwear correctly.”

The first thing that Valencian podiatrists recommend is go to a professional before the moment of “uncovering.”

Thus, any type of pathology can be detected in time and the hardness of the soles and heels will be eliminated.

And most importantly, they will recommend a treatment to hydrate our feet, an essential matter because they are no longer protected after a winter well protected in boots and socks.

This type of «pre summer» care they must be performed by a podiatric specialist. You have to leave aesthetics to make them beautiful, nothing more.

This is especially important in the case of people with diabetes, because as explained by the College of Podiatrists with this type of patients “you have to follow appropriate protocols because, if they are removed incorrectly, a foot ulcer could be caused” .

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With the visit to the podiatrist we will make sure that our nails are well cut, straight, because if they are too round they will dig into the fingers as they grow.

In addition, we will know what type of cream is best suited to hydrate the feet.

So, once the specialists have given us the basic care, it is time to know how to take care of our feet the rest of the summer:

In this way we will reduce the possibility of new hardness and cracks appearing, especially in the heel area.

What footwear is better in summer?

The offer is infinite, sandals, flip flops, ballerinas, with heels, esparto, flat…. But when choosing a model we rarely think about the health of our feet. And there the problems begin.

For this reason, the College of Podiatrists of the Valencian Community offers a brief guide to know which shoe to choose for the hottest months:

Finally, the Official College of Podiatrists of the Valencian Community recalls that “in the event of any injury that appears on the foot (color changes in the nails, unpleasant odor, pain in the fingers, the sole, the heel, etc.)” there is what consult a specialist.

In particular, if we notice pain or itching, since we could be facing pathologies such as fungi, corns or warts, which if not treated in time can have greater consequences.

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