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How to tone your back in 10 minutes with this exercise routine

If you spend it in front of a desk all day and you back hurts, these exercises will be of great utility. You do not have to go to a GymMoreover, it is not necessary that you dedicate a lot of time to it, in just 10 minutes This routine will relieve tension, depending on Vogue.


First of all, you must perform Warm up to prevent you from suffering from any injury or do some bad move.

Warming up is essential for any type of physical activity. Thus, you will prepare your muscles for more exercises demanding. It is important that you do pauses between exercises and you breathe slowly.

This warm-up you should do while face down. Here you could use a mat de yoga or a mat. The arms should be flexionados and with your hands placed in front of you, as if it were a pillow.

Then raise a leg and then the other. Do this exercise so alternating, but without doing any kind of impulse so as not to strain the muscles. Makes 10 reps of this movement.

Warming up your muscles is a critical step when exercising. Source: Pexels

Arm lift

For get warm, This is the First exercise carried out, maintaining the previous position. You have to fold your arms in 90 degrees in front of you.

With the trunk, makes small impulses for you to take off the chest off the ground and so lift you up. Come down slowly. You must do 20 reps.

Elevate legs and arms

The legs and arms they must be stretched. You must remain face down. Now, you have to bend the left arm. This will serve as support for for you to raise the right arm and the left leg at the same time. Makes 10 reps and then alternate.

Arms outstretched and elevation

Now, stretch your arms and place them to the sides, making the shape of cruz. Use the abdominal strength and from your back to lift your chest off the floor.

It is important do not elevate the legs and try tense whole body while you go up. Perform 10 repetitions, and if you wish, you can add a little weight.


Stretch your arms forward and bend your elbows, keeping them away from the floor. Raise your chest and try keep this position, without lowering the chest and without touching the ground with the arms.

You should also keep the raised legs. Repeat 10 times and breathe slowly between each exercise.

Towards the sides

This exercise, as well as the previous one, will give you more intensity to your routine, and that’s why it’s at the end. Keep your reclining body and upside down.

Raise your chest as much as you can and try to bring your hands to your legs. You must first do it from one side, in such a way that the whole body relapse to that side. Then you must alternate to perform this same movement but now on the other side. They are 8 repetitions.

These exercises can be to incorporate every time you do routine. You will see how it will help you relieve back strain and to tone it. They are very simple and you can do them in the comfort of your home.

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