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How to upload free books to your Kindle

If you have an Amazon Kindle, we are going to show you how you can add free electronic books and enjoy it when you go on a trip or from the comfort of your home.

If we tell you that the Amazon Kindle is one of the best e-book readers on the market, we are not discovering anything new that you don’t already know. In addition, it is also one of the best sellers, so there are many people who currently have one in their possession.

It is still logical, since we are talking about light devices, which take very well anywhere and also look great for reading, regardless of the situation.

The issue is that, in addition to the official way to download books on Kindle, there is also another way to read books that we have gotten from other places on this device, something that is also a huge advantage.

We are going to see how it is done to achieve it, it is simpler than you think, as well as being quite fast and very reliable, since we will only use a program or email.

Upload book to Kindle:

Let’s Download Caliber

The first thing we have to do is download Caliber, an electronic book management solution. Although there are other options available, the truth is that this software is the best for what we intend to do, in addition to being very light and free.

Caliber will allow us convert the electronic books you have from different formatswhich can read the Kindle, as are the AZW from Amazon.

free ebook

Now what we must do is download the electronic book that we want for free, using several sites where we can get it legally.

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Some of these websites are:

  • Overdrive: It’s the fastest and most legal way to access millions of e-books, not just the ones in the public domain, but even some of the top recently published titles.
  • Project Gutenberg: many free and totally legal books that this website is supported by altruistic fundraising volunteers.
  • feedbooks: It is a huge collection of public domain books (there are also some paid ones) with a library of more than 1 million titles available.
  • ManyBooks: here you will find free books and others with very good discounts.
  • PDFBooksWorld: Free books in a huge number of file types, although they are basically PDFs with thousands of different titles.

In all these websites we will get free free books, in which there is no copyright and, therefore, they are in the public domain.

Remember that book piracy is illegal and we do not support such practices, so with these websites you will not commit any type of illegality.

Set up Caliber and Kindle email

If, for example, we have downloaded an EPUB we can use Caliber to transform it to the format that we want.

The steps we must follow are very easy and simple:

  • The first thing we need to do is open the caliber program and then open the program and select our kindle device.
  • The next step is to enter our Kindle email address. We will send the books by email instead of transferring them manually.
  • To find your Kindle email address, go to the page Manage my Kindle on Amazon and select Personal Documents Setup.
  • Right now we will see our personal Kindle email, in addition to being able to add new emails with which you can send them directly.
  • One thing you should know is that Kindle only allows you to email files using email addresses. email that have already been approved.
  • We don’t even need to include a subject in the email.
  • Only We attach the file and send it by email to the Kindle account.
  • we shall add them also in Caliber to allow a file transfer without incident.
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Convert your eBook to make it count

All we have to do is open gauge and then select the electronic book that we have previously downloaded.

The next thing to do is select AZW3 or MOBI of the output format and click on Convert. As is evident, the best is the AZW3 format, which is the reliable one used by Amazon, although you can choose the one you want.

This will make the program take a while to perform this action of transforming the electronic book into the format that we want.

Do you think a gluten-free food is healthier? Are free-range chickens really loose? These are some mistakes we make when reading labels.

Send an electronic book to our Kindle device

The next step is to send your converted eBook to your Kindle. It is very simple to execute, so we should not have the slightest problem doing it.

The steps we must follow are the following:

  • We must be inside Caliber.
  • If so, we just have to right click on the e-book and then go to Connect/Share.
  • We will see an option that tells us: email to [prefijo]](must be the email address we selected earlier).
  • At that moment he will ask us if we want to automatically convert the book to MOBI just before sending it. This is already the choice of each one, answer yes or no.
  • Once we have answered that question, we will see a process in the section Jobs.
  • We can also send the file directly using the approved email address.
  • It’s as simple as open our emailcompose a new email, select the attachment and click send.
  • In this way or as discussed above, the electronic book that we have decided should already appear on the Kindle to read it at the time we want and where we estimate.
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As you have seen, it is extremely simple to have a book not downloaded in the official way from Amazon on our Kindle e-book reading device. It does not have any complications, so the normal thing is that anyone who has one can perform this task.

If you have tried it, you can tell us through social networks what you think of the system, if it has been easy for you, if you see it fast, reliable or any type of incident. In addition, Amazon has the Kindle Unlimited service available, the Netflix of books, which is always another option.

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