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How to use flaxseed to replace eggs in a vegetarian diet

The current trend in nutrition and well-being invites us to follow as much as possible a plant-based diet. Not in vain in recent years numerous scientific studies endorse the benefits of this lifestyle, which invites us to live in a more conscious, natural and sustainable way. Based on this, every day more people show interest in starting a vegetarian diet and as a consequence the popularity of certain nutrient-dense plant foods has increased by leaps and bounds. One of the most valued products for the vegetarian trend are the flaxseeds that are characterized by their high fiber content, which contributes to the well-being of intestinal health and thanks to this they are considered a good ally to prevent chronic diseases. They’re packed with nutrients and health benefits, best of all, they’re a great culinary addition to vegetarian and weight loss-focused diets.

Vegetarianism, also known as vegetarianism, is about the diet that has as its principle stop consuming any type of animal product. It is interesting to know that the vegetarian diet is not only about nutrition, it is also related to an attitude and a lifestyle that rejects other ways of using animals to produce consumer goods or for human entertainment. That is why it is the people who follow this type of diet, are governed by ecological and naturopathic principles.

Within the vegetarian practice there are different types and degrees. The truth is that many of its defenders consider that there is only one real way to follow this style of eating and that is through strict vegetarianism, which is characterized by the prohibition of any product derived from animals. Therefore, the consumption of meat, fish, poultry, cold cuts, dairy products and eggs is omitted. While it is very obvious to some not to eat “red and processed meat” when it comes to finding substitutes and egg-free products, the situation can get tricky. Finally the egg is a fundamental ingredient in many everyday consumer products.

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Based on the above, one of the main challenges of choosing the vegetarian path is finding good, accessible and easy substitutes. The good news is that eggs are not a mandatory ingredient in recipes, they can be replaced with other ingredients that help meet the same goal. Most of the time, eggs are used as binders or to help lift structure and add moisture. Therefore, for many they are considered a basic in the preparation of various varieties of bread, cookies, muffins and desserts.

In a way it could be said that the central purpose of adding eggs is unite the ingredients and add moisture, even more so in those recipes that require only one egg. Recently it has been discovered that the use of flax seeds is one of the best alternatives to successfully replace the use of eggs. In addition to being healthy, flax seeds are mucilaginous. That is, they contain mucilage, a viscous plant substance that acts as a thick aqueous solution of a gum or dextrin used to suspend insoluble substances and to increase viscosity. They are found in algae, flax seeds (linseed), chia seeds, in mallow roots, quince, lichen, nopal, in certain mushrooms and in many other vegetables.

Among its greatest virtues to replace the egg is that when mixed with water, the linseed thickens and creates a “gel” with a texture similar to that of an egg white, is therefore considered the perfect substitute for eggs.

How to use it successfully?

Best of all, flax seeds are one of the most accessible and easy substitutes for eggs. They will undoubtedly become one of the favorite vegetarian additions to the daily diet, they are also the perfect option for people intolerant to eggs.

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Equivalent formula to an egg:

– Mix a tablespoon of ground flax seeds + 3 tablespoons of water in a bowl. * Note: It is important to use freshly ground flaxseeds to get their full benefits and to prevent them from going rancid quickly.

– Allow the mixture to sit for 5 minutes.

– Use this mixture to replace the use of egg in all your recipes of baked products, you will not even realize that they do not contain eggs! And best of all, you will get a long list of additional benefits related to the immense properties of flaxseed.

We cannot fail to mention the great nutritional and medicinal properties that flaxseed provides. It is currently considered one of the most valued superfoods to follow a balanced diet with great medicinal potential. Flax seeds, they shine for their content of Omega-3 fatty acids that benefit cardiovascular health, are very rich in fiber and thus improve digestive and intestinal health and promote weight loss. They are very rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with great anti-inflammatory power. They also promote hormonal balance, thanks to its content in three of the lignans found in the seeds – sechoisolariciresinol, matairecinol and pinoresinol. They reduce the risk of developing metabolic syndrome, strengthen the immune system and protect us against neurological diseases.

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