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How to verify digital identity without asking for photos

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The privacy and security of digital identity continues to be a topic of great concern and debate in this hyper-digitalized world. Users are constantly being asked to verify their digital identity. This is why there is a need for identification and verification software that is agile and private to use. This need is the one that responds silencean IDaaS that helps companies to verify the digital identity of users automatically and without asking for photos of documents each timeand that was born with the aim of improve user registration experience.

This emerging company wants to revolutionize the sector and solve one of the great problems of digital transformation, with its technology based on artificial intelligence that allows users to verify their identity in real time just after uploading the photos of their documents online. first time. According to Marc Pérez, co-founder of Silt: “Just by adding our button, customers can offer the benefit of our platform to users and thus they can register on their platforms in the safest and easiest way possible, without having to take photos of documents.”

How did the idea come about?

It all started when Marc and Gabriel, who were working on Verse in 2018 and 2019, realized that the user experience was not good and was very restrictive. According to Marc Pérez, co-founder of Silt: When we analyzed the market, we saw that users were being lost for asking for so much documentation”. To which he adds: “we realized one thing: that the best verification is not to ask for photos of each user in each process”.

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The privacy and security of digital identity continues to be a topic of great concern and debate

After detecting this need, in 2020 Silt was born, the startup that facilitates and speeds up the process of verifying digital identities based in Barcelona and currently operating in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Poland, Germany, UK, France and Mexico.

Silt: security and privacy

There are more and more companies that ask for verification of identities and documents but that do not assure the user how their data is stored or who has access to it. Instead, Silt claims to protect user data and prevent identity document theft. Its mode of operation is based on a document storage architecture that is stored on internal servers. Thus, only they can give access to these documents that are encrypted internally.

In addition, Silt offers user reverification with a selfie, a product that has been developed especially for companies of delivery. This technology allows the company to verify that the person at the time is the same as the one at the time of registration, thus avoiding the sub-rental of rider licenses or 100% digital car rental.

Other examples of using Silt are mobility companies that rent cars, motorcycles, bikes, etc., hotels, airlines, fairs, home providers such as gas and electricity, or companies to request loans, insurance, and even online games.

The startup defends the privacy of documents and records not only of the user but also of the company. For this reason, they always ask for identification when someone wants to access a document, and they have a history of who has accessed it, with which they can do a reverse follow-up of users who have suffered fraud. That is, they have absolute control of the user to know and see who they have given the identity to. In addition, Silt is equipped with an artificial texture detector to find out if a document is the original or a photo on a screen, a paper document or a photo overlay on a document.

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