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How to vote for ‘American Song Contest’

“American Song Contest” premiered on NBC on March 21, 2022, with Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson serving as hosts and executive producers. Unlike other reality TV shows which rely solely on the votes from the audience, the voting for this show will combine the results from viewers at home with a group of 56 jury members, aka industry professionals from each state/territory (see below). If you’re curious how to vote for “American Song Contest,” you’ve come to the right place.

Fans can vote for their favorite performances by visiting the website directly, or by using the NBC App or TikTok. Voting for the Qualifiers will open on Monday nights and will close on Wednesday mornings.

TikTok is the official voting platform partner for “American Song Contest,” which marks the first time the social media app has partnered with a live competition series for the duration of its run. On TikTok, fans can vote for and engage with their favorite artists in real time, in addition to creating original content using music from the show.

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The five-week Qualifiers rounds are scheduled for March 21, March 28, April 4, April 11 and April 18. At the end of each Qualifiers performance show, the jury will advance one artist immediately to the Semi-Finals. The remaining three spots will be determined through a combination of votes from the jury and you at home. The contestants advancing to the Semi-Finals will be announced the following week.

The Semi-Finals will take place over two weeks, airing April 25 and May 2. In that round, 10 acts will perform an elevated performance of their original song each night. The round also features a “redemption” song which will add an 11th artist back into the competition — think of it as a “wild card.” At the end of each Semi-Final night, the jury awards their highest-rated contestant with an immediate spot in the Grand Final, while a mix of America’s votes and jury votes will pick four other finalists.

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The Grand Final is scheduled for Monday, May 9. That’s when the Top 10 participants will take the stage one last time in the hopes of winning enough viewer votes and jury votes to earn the title of best hit song of 2022.

Below is the list of “American Song Contest” territories, participants and jury members. Click here to see photos of the contestants.

Participant: Ni/Co
Jury member: Amber Parker

Participant: Jewel
Jury member: Quinn Christopherson

American Samoa
Participant: Tenelle
Jury member: Joseph Fa’avae

Participant: Las Marias
Jury member: Double-L

Participant: Kelsey Lamb
Jury member: Kevin Mercer

Participant: Sweet Taboo
Jury member: Dan McCarroll

Participant: Riker Lynch
Jury member: Isaac Slade

Participant: Michael Bolton
Jury member: Jaime Levine

Participant: Nitro Nitra
Jury member: Christa Cooper

Participant: Ale Zabala
Jury member: Jose Tillan

Participant: Stela Cole
Jury member: Jennifer Goicoechea

Participant: Jason J.
Jury member: Heidi Chargualaf Quenga

Participant: Bronson Varde
Jury member: Eric Daniels

Participant: Andrew Sheppard
Jury member: Shari Short

Participant: Justin Jesso
Jury member: Mike Knobloch

Participant: UG skywalkin
Jury member: Nancy Yearing

Participant: Alisabeth Von Presley
Jury member: Taylor J.

Participant: Broderick Jones
Jury member: Michelle Buckles

Participant: Jordan Smith
Jury member: Ashley Wilson

Participant: Brittany Pfantz
Jury member: Uptown Angela

Participant: King Kyote
Jury member: Lauren Wayne

Participant: Sisqo
Jury member: Caron Veazey

Participant: Jared Lee
Jury member: Jamie Cerreta

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Participant: Ada LeAnn
Jury member: Shahida Mausi

Participant: Yam Haus
Jury member: Barry Lather

Participant: Keyone Starr
Jury member: Joe King the Big Daddy

Participant: Brett Seper
Jury member: Tommy Austin

Participant: Jonah Prill
Jury member: Stephanie Davis

Participant: Jocelyn
Jury member: Hoss Michaels

Participant: The Crystal Method
Jury member: Jim Vellutato

New Hampshire
Participant: MARi
Jury member: Charlie Singer

New Jersey
Participant: Brooke Alexx
Jury member: Matt Pinfield

New Mexico
Participant: Khalisol
Jury member: Tony Manero

New York
Participant: ENISA
Jury member: Tom Poleman

North Carolina
Participant: John Morgan
Jury member: Paul Schadt

North Dakota
Participant: Chloe Fredericks
Jury member: Allison Bostow

Northern Mariana Islands
Participant: Sabyu
Jury member: Galvin Deleon Guerrero

Participant: Macy Gray
Jury member: Khirye Tyler

Participant: AleXa
Jury member: Ester Dean

Participant: courtship.
Jury member: Mark Hamilton

Participant: Bri Steves
Jury member: Ty Stiklorius

Puerto Rico
Participant: Christian Pagan
Jury member: Carlos Perez

Rhode Island
Participant: Hueston
Jury member: Kristin Lessard

South Carolina
Participant: Jesse LeProtti
Jury member: Miss Monique

South Dakota
Participant: Judd Hoos
Jury member: Jered Johnson

Participant: Tyler Braden
Jury member: Brian Phillips

Participant: Grant Knoche
Jury member: Natural

U.S. Virgin Islands
Participant: Cruz Rock
Jury member: Ajanie Williams

Participant: Savannah Keyes
Jury member: Jeff McCartney

Participant: Josh Panda
Jury member: Lee Chesnut

Participant: Almira Zaky
Jury member: Justin Derrico

Participant: Allen Stone
Jury member: Zann Fredlund

Washington D.C.
Participant: NËITHER
Jury member: Dustin Matthews

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West Virginia
Participant: Alexis Cunningham
Jury member: Judy Eaton

Participant: Jake’O
Jury member: Shanna “Quinn” Cudeck

Participant: Ryan Charles
Jury member: Ian Munsick

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