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How to watch Telecinco live on your mobile or tablet (iOS / Android) without DTT

If Telecinco is your favorite free-to-air television channel, but you miss out on a lot of its content because you’re not in front of the TV, you’re probably interested in the fact that you can watch all its programs live from your mobile or tablet, be it Android or iOS.

If your favorite channel is Telecinco, but due to lack of time or because there are many times when you can’t be in front of the television, you miss programs or series that you find extremely interesting, know that this can change.

There are several ways for you to watch Telecinco online and thus not miss any of the content that is broadcast at that precise moment. That is to say, you will be able to see what they are throwing when you go by metro or by bus, to give you two examples.

In addition, another aspect that you won’t worry about is that you won’t care what smartphone or tablet you have, since these possibilities will be for both Android and iOS devices.

All the ways that we are going to tell you will allow us, at least in those moments in which we can use our mobile device or tablet, not to miss anything from our favorite open channel.

From the MiTele application

Obviously, we will start with the official service offered by Telecinco to be able to see their programming from our mobile phone or tablet, in addition to having the possibility of seeing what they are broadcasting live.

Watching Telecinco on mobile will be very easy thanks to both the application, valid for Android and iOS phones, and the website itself, as we will see below.

As usual, the most recommended way to see Telecinco live from our mobile phone or tablet is installing Mitele app. There is no complication to be able to have it on our smartphone, since it is present both in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store.

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Mitele is not only going to allow us to watch Telecinco on mobile, but also we can enjoy the channels that make up the Mediaset groupsuch as Cuatro, Energy or Divinity, among others.

Once we have this application on the mobile, the only thing we are going to have to do is create an account that will be totally freeto later be able to enjoy both its programming on demand or to be able to watch Telecinco live.

Thanks to this application we are going to have a huge number of possibilities that can help us to enjoy more of the content that Mediaset offers.

  • we will be able to mark programs as favorites.
  • We have at our disposal a Parental control.
  • It can resume a program that we were watching from the same place where we left it.
  • We will can customize schedule lists.
  • This same account that we have opened in Mitele can be used on other devices.
  • It can be configured to display the hd image.

But in addition to all these powers that the application offers us, we will also be able to enjoy the live broadcast of Telecinco, so as not to miss what we were watching at home.

It is an application that has advertising and the only way to not have it is to subscribe to the paid part. In case you are interested, the package mitele PLUS Basicin which advertising is suppressed, you have access to premieres and exclusive content, in addition to offering some other extra functionality, it costs 5 euros per month or 42 euros per year.

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There are also other packages that can be added to mitele PLUS Basic that we detail in the following table.

Package Contents Price
mitele PLUS Basic No ads, exclusive content and previews 5 euros per month or 42 euros per year
Channel D Drama Turkish dramas and all the benefits of PLUS user from 3 euros per month
mitele PLUS Cinema AContra+ Cinema selection, possibility VO and with subtitles from 4 euros per month
mitele PLUS Dizi Turkish soap opera channel and PLUS user benefits from 3 euros per month
mitele PLUS FIGHT SPORTS 24/7 contact sports from 5 euros per month
mitele PLUS International to see from any country 5 euros per month or 42 euros per year

from the website

Another possibility that we have to watch Telecinco online and everything that is happening live is to use the official website of the television channel.

We can open our favorite browser on our mobile or tablet, go to the Telecinco website and simply click on the live sectionwhich you’ll find at the top right of the screen.

In the next window we will only have to press play button and after several commercials, the same thing that we were seeing on the television in our house will appear on our screen, with a really very good resolution.

Obviously, we will also be able to find content that has been broadcast on Telecinco, including complete programs in HD quality.

From third-party apps

You can use third party applications to be able to watch Telecinco on your mobile and enjoy the program that is being shown live at that precise moment.

If your mobile has an Android operating system, you will be able to download an application that works really well. DTT Channels.

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This is an app totally free and that it does not contain any type of advertisement. If you want to download it, you only have to access its own web page and download the APK file. Once you have downloaded and installed it on your device, by running this application you will be able to enjoy all the television channels of Spain totally live.

Of course, among all of them there is also Telecinco and all the Mediaset channels, but you will also be able to listen to several radio stations. Another positive thing about this application is that it is updated quite frequentlyso the sources of the channels are up to date.

To watch the channels you want on your iPhone or iPad, which will of course include Telecinco, you don’t need to install any application, since the service is enough for you, a source with more than 1,000 DTT channelsSpanish and foreigners, as well as radios.

The only thing you are going to have to do is with your favorite browser, which can be Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefoxaccess this web page, which has a very simple interface to handle and accessible, to simply search among the Spanish channels, Mediaset’s favorite such as Telecinco.

As you may have imagined, we can also use this service on phones that have Android.

With everything that we have told you, you will be able to watch Telecinco on your mobile without any problem, so that in those moments when you cannot put it on TV, you can continue enjoying whatever is broadcasting live on your TV.

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