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How to watch videos on Android Auto even from YouTube

If you are a user with Android Auto in your car, surely you have already realized that there is no way to see the videos that you have on your mobile, on a USB or those that come on YouTube on the screen of this.

The brand may have installed a player and if you can see those videos that you have on a USB, but this will always be outside of what Android Auto is.

From there, we will have several unofficial applications at our disposal, with which we can watch the videos of our smartphone or those of YouTube working on the screen with Android Auto.

Let’s see how we can use them to take advantage of this power that the Google car system has.

Index of contents:

Local Video Player: to watch our videos

The first option we teach you is Local Video Player. Do not look for it in the Google Play Store because you will not find it.

In order to install this application you must have on your mobile a kind of unofficial application store for Android Auto, called AA Storewhich you can download from Telegram.

Once you have it on your mobile and have installed it, it’s time to open it and see the list of apps it comes with. There are not many, but some are very interesting.

But since we are immersed in Local Video Player, it is the one that we ask you to touch and then click on Install. Since it will be the first time you use AAStore, you must give permission to store and install apps on your smartphone.

Once you have downloaded Local Video Player you should hit install and as a consequence of this, you will already have it on your mobile as one more application.

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When you first open the app, you it asks for certain permissions that you must grant, because if you don’t, it won’t work for you. Once this is done, close the app and let’s see how we are going to work with it.

It is extremely easy to work with Local Video Player in Android Auto. Once we are in the car and we see that the app is part of those recognized by the system, all we have to do is go to our Gallery.

We select the video and click on the menu of this option Shareto choose from all the options that comes out of Watch on car.

Automatically, it will be broadcast to the car and we will be able to see it on the screen where we had Android Auto.

Fermata Auto: alternative to watch mobile videos

Another application that allows us to watch local videos from our smartphone on the screen of the car when Android Auto is running is Fermata Auto.

To achieve this, we must first install another unofficial application store for Android Auto called YYYD and that we can download from GitHub.

Once downloaded and installed, we open this app and grant it the permissions it requests. At that time we will see several application names in green boxes

The application we are interested in is called Fermata Autoso we must press where it says that name and then To accept when it asks us if we want to download it.

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Once the app finishes downloading, Android will surely ask you to give AAAD permission to install apps and, of course, you must. From there, Fermata Auto will already be installed.

For it to work we only have to enter the app itself on the smartphone, grant it the permissions it requests and then click on the drawing of a folder in a circle that appears in the bottom right, for later select the folders you want to be visible by the application.

Then all the videos that we have in the folders that we have selected will come out and just by clicking on the one we want, we will see it on the car screen.

CarTube: to watch any YouTube video

Thanks to this application we will be able to see YouTube videos on the screen of our car with Android Auto, although we have to comment on something that seems to us to be a success, and that is that at the moment in which we start to move the car, the system stops so as not to distract the driver.

Let’s get this app thanks to the unofficial app store, which we have seen before, AAStore. Since we already have it installed, let’s go directly to the download and installation of the app to watch YouTube.

When entering AAStore we will see how the first application that appears is Cartube, which we must download and install. For that we click on it, to then give in Install.

Then it will be downloaded to the mobile and it will ask us to install it, to which we must answer affirmatively.

Once installed, open CarTube and we give you all the permissions that they ask us for so that it can function correctly.

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Once this is done, all you need to do is go to your car and see how the icon on the screen. You will be able to open in your Android Auto and you will see that works like YouTubebut on the screen of your car, being able to search for your favorite videos to that are seen directly through the vehicle’s screen and sound through its speakers.

As you have seen, there are several ways to watch the videos that we have on our phone on the screen of our car with Android Auto, in addition to being able to experience the viewing of the YouTube videos that we like the most.

Obviously, all this is achieved thanks to unofficial applications and we also do not know how long they will be active, also not knowing if there is any intention on the part of Google to make this type of tool not work in the system.

But for now they work and if we can take advantage of them, much better for us. They are not essential, nor is anyone going to change their mobile or car (that would be crazy) because this system does not work for them, but if we can take advantage of it, it may come in handy someday.

If you have tried them, tell us what your experience has been on our social networks, we want to know your opinion about these applications for Android Auto.

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