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How Tom Brady’s retirement impacts the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl 57 odds

Tom Brady officially announced his retirement from the NFL on Tuesday morning. That left the Buccaneers with a major hole at the quarterback position.

It also left bettors wondering just how much Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl 57 odds would be impacted by Brady’s decision.

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We know what some of you are thinking. Super Bowl 56 hasn’t even happened yet. Why would I care about Super Bowl 57? That’s a fair question, but NFL bettors love to get value when they can on futures bets. So, some will place small wagers on next year’s Super Bowl before free agency and the 2022 NFL Draft in hopes of finding nice values.

Some may have even expected that the Buccaneers’ odds would lengthen after Brady’s retirement. However, they have held firm so far.

According to Typical Sportsbook , the Buccaneers are still one of the favorites to win Super Bowl 57. They have +1300 odds to win the NFL championship, behind only the Bills (+650), Chiefs (+650) and Rams (+1200). The Bengals and 49ers both remained tied with the Bucs at +1300 odds.

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Below is a full look at the list of odds, via Typical.

Odds to win Super Bowl 57

Team Super Bowl 57 Odds
Bills +650
chiefs +650
rams +1200
Bengals +1300
Buccaneers +1300
49ers +1300
cowboys +1500
packers +1500
titans +2000
ravens +2000
broncos +2000
Colts +2000
patriots +2000
chargers +2000
Cardinals +2000
saints +3000
Brown’s +3000
raiders +4000
dolphins +4000
eagles +4000
Seahawks +4000
Steelers +5000
Washington +5000
vikings +5000
falcons +6000
bears +6000
panthers +6000
giants +8000
Jaguars +10000
jets +10000
Lions +10000
Texans +10000
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Why haven’t the Buccaneers’ odds moved? It boils down to a couple of factors.

First of all, the Buccaneers still have a very strong roster. They have some key players including Chris Godwin, Ryan Jensen and Jason Pierre-Paul set to be free agents, but if they can retain at least some of their talent, they will have a formidable team outside the quarterback position. As such, Tampa Bay should still be able to compete.

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The other factor is, of course, the quarterback position. The Bucs have only Kyle Trask under contract for next season at the moment, but given that they are a team that’s ready to win now, they could take a swing at a high-end quarterback upgrade via the trade market. Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson could find themselves the subject of trade rumors, so if the Bucs manage to land one of them, they could once again be among the teams to beat in the NFC.

Getting a high-end quarterback is not a guarantee for the Buccaneers. But until the books know what Tampa Bay’s options are at the position, they will be reluctant to move the Bucs’ odds too much. If they get a Rodgers type, expect the odds to shorten. If not, then the books will consider lengthening them.

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