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How We Met: ‘He gave me strong signals that he wasn’t looking for romance’ | Life and Style

In early 2008, Vinca was a confessed party girl living the good life in Manchester. He worked for a recruiting company during the day and partied at night. “I was living with my best friend at the time, Flo. He and I always had people visiting, but we needed a third roommate, ”he says.

After viewing his ad online, Lee applied. “I was studying in Staffordshire and it was cheaper to move to Manchester than to live in student residences,” he says. Lee went to see her apartment and went through her difficult “interview process.” “I immediately noticed his Stoke accent, since that’s where I’m from,” says Vinca. The couple hit it off after discovering they had mutual friends.

Flo and Vinca asked her to join them on a night out before offering her the room. “I definitely liked Vinca and I was flirting a bit,” says Lee. “But she was giving me strong signals that she wasn’t looking for romance, so I quit.” Vinca says she was “happy to be single” after getting out of a bad relationship. “I had sworn to men completely.”

A month later, Lee moved into the apartment and they became close friends. In addition to the nights out, they enjoyed house parties, barbecues, and movie nights. “We used to throw a party in the blink of an eye,” says Vinca. While enjoying the single life, Lee was looking for a girlfriend. “I went on a few dates, but nothing seemed to work and I didn’t know why,” he says. One night, he and Vinca wrote a prank ad for Gumtree, listing his “boyfriend qualities.” “We started listing all these qualities and I realized in slow motion that I wanted him to be me boyfriend, ”she says.

Vinca told Flo how she felt about Lee, but he dismissed it. “He told me not to do anything while we lived under the same roof,” he says. In the fall, Lee moved to another apartment, but he remained friends with Vinca. “I had no idea he liked me,” he says. She kept the secret “bottled up” to avoid complicating their friendship. “I talked to my parents about it every day, but I couldn’t tell them. I was afraid that it would screw things up between us, ”he says.

Finally, he took action on a night out in November. After a trip to a club and karaoke bar, she invited herself to Lee’s apartment to watch a nightly fight with Ricky Hatton. “It’s not something I’m interested in, but Lee’s roommate had friends to see him. However, I still couldn’t tell him. “I was about to give up and walk home when it started to snow.” Lee offered me a bed for the night and in the morning my big secret came out, “she says. “I started to think there could be more things, as she was getting more flirtatious,” says Lee. “I was very happy, because I had always liked her.”

The relationship moved quickly; Vinca told him that she loved him two weeks later. She started a career in 2009, the same year she became pregnant with her son. “Lee took care of the children a lot so that I could study. I remember visiting me at the university with Felix so I could breastfeed between classes. “

They got married in Sale in 2012 and ran a design agency together for a few years. In 2017, Lee retrained as a teacher and found his dream job in North Wales the following year, while Vinca is now a freelance magazine writer. They live with Felix in Colwyn Bay.

“Vinca makes me a better person,” says Lee. “She makes me like myself more. She is very good at what she does and I am very proud of her. “Vinca says their friendship laid the foundation for their happy marriage.” He is very understanding and empathetic, “she says.” He achieves everything he sets out to achieve and always he wants to make a positive change in the world ”.

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