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How we met: ‘I mistakenly drank your contact lenses’ | Have a date

TThe first photograph of Hannah and Nav was taken in rookie week, when they started at Cambridge University in 2005. “They must have introduced us then, but none of us can remember it,” says Hannah. “That whole week was a little blurry.” You remember seeing him around campus. “He had gray contact lenses, which was surprising for an Indian person.” Hannah lived in a busy corridor and Nav used to visit her to socialize. “I remember it seemed very difficult to impress. I think I was a little scared of him, ”he says.

During the second year, they joined the same hockey team and got to know each other better. In early 2007, they went to Dublin together on a sports trip, where the friendship began to blossom. By the third year they had become flirtatious, but it wasn’t until Nav sent a drunken Facebook message that Hannah knew how he felt. “I wrote our last names with the word ‘kinship’ and a question mark, then a lot of Ps because I fell asleep on my keyboard,” he laughs. He deleted it the next day, but Hannah had already received the email alert. “I could see that he sent me this message drunk and deleted it, but he was actually very happy,” he says.

But Nav felt embarrassed and avoided her for the next few weeks. In late January 2008, they met on a night out. “I remember a friend asked me if I liked it,” says Hannah. “That was the night we got together for the first time.” Unfortunately, the awkward moments weren’t over. “During the night, I woke up desperate and mistakenly drank her contact lenses, which she had kept in a glass of water next to the bed,” she laughs. Nav spent the next few days walking the corridors with barely seeing until he got replacements.

At the end of the term, Hannah met Nav’s parents. “They are first-generation Indian immigrants and it made me nervous to tell them that I was dating a British girl,” he says. “My mother took some getting used to, but then it was okay.” That summer they traveled with Interrailing through Europe, and both say it was an “interesting” experience. “There were itineraries for everything,” says Nav. “Over time, he taught me about spontaneity,” says Hannah. Despite their differences, they remained together, Nav was in a fourth year at Cambridge and Hannah was starting a graduate training program for a retail group in Milton Keynes. In 2010, they moved to London. Then on a vacation to Malaysia in 2013, Nav took Hannah by surprise with a proposal. “We got up at 5 am to climb this ladder in a rain forest to enjoy the views. When we got to the top, he proposed to us with a Christmas cookie ring because he didn’t want to lose the real one, ”he says.

They married the following year, and in November 2015, Hannah gave birth to her first child. Nav supported her through the postpartum depression and in August 2019, they moved to St Albans. They had their second baby last summer. Nav works on green infrastructure projects, while Hannah plans to change careers after earning a master’s degree in child developmental psychology.

Nav says he has never met anyone who cares so much about others. “Hannah is incredibly committed as a mother and a partner. I will always be impressed by how smart and funny she is. “Hannah finds her husband funny and appreciates his curious nature.” He is very sensitive, like our daughter. He has learned more about himself because he wanted to understand more about her. Nav is always willing to ask for more time to think about things and I love that about him. “

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