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How will families use the $ 300 per month per child?

How will families use the $ 300 per month per child?

Families with children have faced financial complications from the coronavirus pandemic.

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The President’s $ 1.9 Trillion Economic Stimulus Bill Joe Biden includes fiscal support for children, which would be used by families mainly to feed and care for children, as well as rent, reveals a survey of ParentsTogether Action.

He adds that 87% of families support the proposal of the Democrats in Congress, which would grant $ 3,600 dollars for children under 6 years old, and $ 3,000 dollars for children between 6 and 17 years old.

If the bill is approved, already integrated into the House of Representatives package, the IRS would send the monthly payments of $ 250 or $ 300, depending on the case.

Of those surveyed, only 5% said they oppose direct child support, but 63% considered that it will be a “great help” for their families.

“More than two-thirds of those surveyed said the money would help pay for rent, utilities, food, or childcare”, indicates the report.

ParentsTogether Action represents more than 2.5 million parents across the country, it also found that 81% of parents recognize difficulties in facing the pandemic, so they ask for more help.

“Almost two-thirds of those surveyed are unhappy with the level of support that families have received during the pandemic,” it was noted. “85% of respondents support President Biden’s American Rescue Plan”.

Justin Ruben, co-director of the organization urged Congress to pass the legislation as soon as possible, which could be endorsed at the end of February, according to the legislative calendar.

He added that the United States “observe” and are ready to respond in electoral processes to the action on the relief law.

“Congress needs to know that parents are paying attention and will reward those who work to pass this relief.”, advancement.

The report indicates that failed pre-election negotiations for a financial aid package influenced voters to cast their vote on November 3.

“45% of those surveyed said that Congress’s failure to provide meaningful relief ‘definitely’ affected the way they voted in the 2020 election,” he says. “71% of respondents said that if members of Congress do not vote to pass significant relief now, it ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ impacts how they plan to vote in the near future.”.

The organization shared responses from some of its members to specific questions, such as: “If you could talk to your member of Congress about what elected officials should do to help, what would you say?”

“Either approve aid for your constituents or I planned to be fired. Get it approved quickly or I will vote against it, ”he said. Dean from Missouri.

Other families indicate that they would not ask for help, if it were not needed, but the pandemic has complicated their lifestyle and economy. The last names of the group members were not shared.

“I have been in the workforce and taxpayer for over 30 years of my life. I have never asked for help, but my family and many others desperately need meaningful help now, ”he said. Jennifer from South Carolina.

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