Monday, April 15

Howie Carr: Between Trump and Kevin McCarthy, it appears no good deed goes unpunished

No good deed goes unpunished.

Those are words to always remember, especially in politics. When James Michael Curley was mayor of Boston, occasionally he would get reports back from the neighborhoods that someone or other had turned against him.

Hizzoner would always feign shock, shaking his head and mentioning the back-stabber by name.

“I can’t believe he would be speaking ill of me,” Curley would say. “I’ve never done anything for the man!”

I was thinking about this phenomenon the other day when news came that Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the U.S. House Speaker-in-waiting, had told other GOP congressmen in 2021 that President Trump should resign after the fedsurrection — I mean, insurrection — on Jan. 6.

McCarthy, a slippery swamp creature, tut-tutted that he’d “had it” with Trump, and that there was “no way” that he could defend him.

On Thursday morning, McCarthy denied he’d ever said any such things. On Thursday night, the tape was played on MSNBC.

Early reports are that Trump is willing to forgive and forget. Maybe he’s mellowing — he’s also endorsed J.D. Vance in the GOP Senate primary in Ohio.

I’m somewhat surprised, because to me Vance gives off serious Kevin McCarthy RINO vibes, and he’s been even more open about sliming Trump than McCarthy ever was in public — before Thursday night, that is.

I was introduced to McCarthy in 2020 — by Donald J. Trump. They were having dinner together at Mar-a-Lago on the night that Iranian terror boss Gen. Qasem Soleimani collected his 72 virgins after he was turned into a grease stain on the Tehran airport tarmac by a CIA drone attack.

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“Who’d be better for me to run against?” a very relaxed Trump asked. “Bernie or Biden?”

“Bernie,” I instantly said, and Trump nodded and looked over at McCarthy.

“That’s what Kevin says too,” he said. “That’s what everybody says.”

Everybody was right, obviously. Even the Democrats’ COVID-19 mass hysteria couldn’t have saved Sanders.

The point is, for some reason Trump seems to like McCarthy. He’s called him “my Kevin.”

McCarthy was the first national Republican who visited him in Palm Beach after he left office.

But this wasn’t the first time that somebody who’s been rather royally treated at Mar-a-Lago returned the favor to Trump with an “Et tu Brute” shiv in the back.

In fact, if they ever wanted to rename the palatial retreat, the Trumps could call it Casa de No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

Last week, Trump sat down for a long taped interview with Piers Morgan, a Fleet Street hack who just got picked up on waivers by Rupert Murdoch, the former owner of this newspaper who still runs the Fox News Channel and so much more.

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