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Huawei further lowers its cheap running watch and puts Garmin and Polar in serious trouble

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One of the most prominent watches is from Huawei, and its price is also surprisingly low.

For many years, brands like Polar or Garmin have dominated the sports watch sector, especially with entry-level ranges like the Forerunner, the cheapest. Now they have competition from technology brands like Huawei or Apple, which also sell very competitive running watches.

In the case of Huawei, what they have is a very, very cheap sports watch with GPS, the Huawei Watch GT Runnerwhich is not only accurate in measuring distance, pace, strides and other metrics but also has many smartwatch functions, and all for 144 euros right now.

It is what it costs in the official store of the brand in Spain, which has been lowering it little by little since the launch, so at least in terms of value for money it is one of the best running watches, although obviously there are some much more advanced (and also more expensive) models.

This watch is designed for athletes, especially runners. He has a personal trainer and measures advanced running metrics, in addition to having an exceptional battery.

It measures data such as soil quality or heart rate, and does not need an external HR monitor, something more or less common that many athletes use to add even more precision to the measurements.

One of the most relevant novelties of this model is that it copies one of the most popular functions of specialized brands: it has a virtual personal trainer and software to improve your performance by creating personalized workouts that are adapted to your ability and fitness level.

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The battery lasts for two weeks, although it all depends on how you use it, since when using the GPS said autonomy is greatly reduced. With GPS you can hardly expect more than a few hours on absolutely every sports watch on the market.

Do you want to perform at your best in your sports training? Sports smartwatches will be a great support to achieve this.

A cheap and complete running watch for beginners

Many amateur runners start running without having a watch that measures all the necessary data to measure your evolution and your improvements over time, and that perhaps hampers their performance a bit.

When they go to take the leap and buy a sports watch, they find that the models that are most worthwhile are really expensive, and this is partially solved by the entry of more competitors in the sector. We have mentioned two: Huawei and Apple, but there are also Samsung and other technology companies.

The Huawei Watch GT Runner is undoubtedly a cheap and affordable sports watch, ideal for those who are hesitating between buying a specialized running model.

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