Monday, January 24

Hub Arkush apologizes for ‘childish things’ he said about Aaron Rodgers

Hub Arkush, a Chicago-based sportswriter and one of the Associated Press 50 voters for the NFL MVP award, wrote an apology for “some of the childish things” he said about Aaron Rodgers on Tuesday.

The statement comes hours after he said in Chicago 670 radio station The Score that he “made a big mistake.” However, he said the mistake had nothing to do with the comments about Rodgers, but “did not respect” the cardinal rule of voting: do not reveal your plans before they are announced.

“Most of the other 49 AP voters are acquaintances, many are friends, and the reason we are being asked not to do what I did is that now it is putting pressure on some of them to comment, not comment, agree. agree, disagree or feel bad about doing the right thing and staying silent, “Arkush wrote Wednesday night. Worse still, I have apparently unleashed a small army of self-proclaimed social media and radio experts who have no idea what they are talking about to challenge the quality of the voting process and would try to invalidate any vote or thought process. that doesn’t match yours.

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