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Huge Moons, Long Channels, and a Very Optimistic Neville – Take Thursday’s Questionnaire | Life and Style

The contest master remains out, but early this morning a group of highly trained racing pigeons delivered 14 questions from a secret location in Scotland to the Guardian’s offices. Can you face the devilish combination of some questions loosely related to today’s date, Kate Bush, Doctor Who, anagrams, and all the usual gubbins? There are no prizes, it’s just for fun, and let us know how you do in the comments.

Thursday’s questionnaire, n. 23

1.GEOGRAPHY: Scotland is rightly renowned for its absolutely beautiful islands that are teeming with wildlife like these puffins. But roughly how many Scottish islands are there?

2.VERY OLD COLONIAL NEWS: In 1775 the Thirteen Colonies began fighting the American Revolutionary War before declaring independence as the United States of America. Which of these four was not one of the 13?

3.ENSEMBLE CAST: We’ll get you off the road early today. What international broadcast success featured these three as recurring supporting actors? Greta Lee, Yul Vazquez and Elizabeth Ashley

Four.COMPARATIVE SPEAKING: Methuselah is known as the oldest person in the Bible. But which of THESE four characters mentioned in the Bible lived the longest, according to the Bible?

5.EYE KNOW WHO YOU ARE: Who is it?

6.SPACE: Jupiter is a massive spectacle with 79 moons. Of these four options, which is the largest?

7.WATER CHARACTERISTICS: Despite the fractal theory making people extremely controversial if you ever try to ask how old a body of water is on Thursday’s questionnaire, about how long is the Panama Canal?

8.MUSIC: Who released albums called Meddle, Animals, and The Final Cut?

9.ON THIS DAY: On September 30, 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain proudly announced that he had secured “peace for our time” thanks to the Munich agreement with Adolf Hitler’s Germany. The optimistic fool. What two other countries besides the UK and Germany signed the deal?

10.KINGS AND QUEENS: Who was proclaimed King of England on September 30, 1399?

eleven.TRUE OR FALSE: The man from Monopoly, the emblem of the game published by Hasbro, wears a monocle.

12.WORRYING POKEMON DESCRIPTIONS: Not all Pokémon are as cute as Pikachu. Which Pokémon has this disturbing official description: “A Pokémon made up of the spirits of people and Pokémon. Pull the children’s hands to steal them. Because of the way it floats aimlessly, an old folk tale calls it ‘Sign for Wandering Spirits.’

13.SCIENCE CORNER: Which of the following is not found in Ca (HCO₃) ₂?

14.AND FINALLY: Here’s Prince Charles emerging from Doctor Who’s Tardis for some reason. But other than him, which of these actors has never been Doctor Who? Plot twist: yes, it’s time for anagrams …

  • If you think there has been an egregious mistake in one of the questions or answers, feel free to email [email protected], but remember, the quiz master’s word is always final, and you really are not going to answer because today you are on an all day train from Inverness to Kings Cross.

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