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Human Age Institute leads the first initiative in Spain that focuses on the S-Social criterion of ESG, in the Sustainability strategy in companies

The Human Age Institute presented on April 27 in Madrid the First National Strategy that prioritizes the S-Social criterion in corporate action. At a time of increasing inequalities at all levels, accelerated by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and after decades of progress in the E-Environment and G-Good Governance criteria, the Human Age Institute defines a strategy and develops the tools that thousands of companies can use to accelerate their corporate action focused on people.

With this objective, it has developed five roadmaps, in collaboration with leading experts in each area, which will serve as guides to help companies advance in the implementation of their ESG criteria, and specifically the S-Social. Silvia Leal (‘Sustainable Employment’), Juan Carlos Cubeiro (‘Learning and Development’), Mercè Brey (‘Diversity and Inclusion’), Elsa Punset (‘Well-being and Balance’) and Federico Buyolo (‘Social Commitment’) have announced today the great premises of their respective texts, in the presentation event of the Human Age Institute as the largest Sustainability platform with an accent on the S of Spain.

In addition, the Human Age Institute has also presented Forética, Fundación ONCE and Junior Achievement as strategic alliances for this new stage. With them and together with the support of a thousand member companies, it seeks to help more than 100,000 people before 2030 to access sustainable, diverse and inclusive employment.

Raúl Grijalba, President of ManpowerGroup and the Human Age Institute, has pointed out: “we are facing a key decade for our economy and society, with great environmental and, above all, social challenges. We have to act in an agile and coordinated manner around the S-Social pillar of the ESG criteria, in order to ensure a sustainable future. This is the key to the alliances that we are presenting today, with which we will travel the path of helping millions of people to access quality, diverse and inclusive employment, while helping thousands of Spanish companies to advance in their ESG objectives. and to put people at the center of corporate action”.

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five roadmaps

To meet this challenge, the Human Age Institute has mobilized the thousand companies that have joined the platform and has called on the entire business fabric of the country, for whom it has developed five exhaustive lines of action that will help organizations define and implement policies clear on social issues.

These roadmaps in turn cover five challenges of today’s society: Sustainable Employment, which addresses areas such as upskilling policies, promotion of digital skills, or motivation tools; Learning and Development, with proposals on reskilling, leadership or lifelong training; Diversity and Inclusion, with recommendations on gender diversity, sex and abilities, and suggestions for procedures for Talent management; Well-being and Balance, for its part, addresses the challenges posed by hybrid environments and remote work, as well as the role that companies must play as guarantors of the employee’s comprehensive well-being. Finally, the guide dedicated to Social Commitment and the different ways in which each organization can contribute to generating shared value with society, from corporate volunteering to philanthropic initiatives.

Recognized experts

Experts of recognized prestige in each of their areas have participated in the development of each of these guides. Thus, Elsa Punset, writer and philosopher; Silvia Leal, doctor in sociology and technological disseminator; Federico Buyolo, expert in Agenda2030 and Social and Cultural Innovation; Juan Carlos Cubeiro, expert in Leadership and Transformation; and Mercè Brey, an expert in business organization, will lead both lines of action and develop the guides that help organizations to take action.

Raúl Grijalba, President of ManpowerGroup and the Human Age Institute, has highlighted the contribution of the experts who join the initiative “Sustainability with an accent on the S” of the Human Age Institute, “for their extensive knowledge and continued informative work in each one of the areas. Each one of them is the main representative of each area, and having their time and professionalism is a guarantee of success in the task we have defined: mobilizing thousands of companies in Spain to act in a coordinated manner around the S-Social pillar of the ESG criteria”.

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Official video: ‘Human Age Institute: The largest sustainability platform with an accent on the S of Spain’.

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