Wednesday, February 28

Humiliatingly Awesome: Best (Worst?) Punishments for Fantasy Losers

In the world of fantasy sports, there is no greater triumph than winning a league championship. Claiming first place brings glory, a year of bragging rights and, if your league has a buy-in, a cash prize. But not all fantasy managers reach that level of success, and the consequences of finishing last can range from humiliation to hypothermia.

While some leagues force losers to take the SAT or take a polar jump, others have gotten a bit more creative. This is how Kevin Ring ended up with a fluorescent pink Ford F150 that declares “I came last in my fantasy league” in a giant white font and features unicorns, rainbows and stars.

The other 11 members began plotting Kevin’s punishment in a secret group message about a month before the end of the season. It was executed over New Years Eve weekend thanks to a quick job from Ronnie Hatem of Hatem Graphics, who spent all night over the holidays to finish the vinyl wrap before Kevin got home.

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