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Hundreds of people throughout Spain ask for a law that ensures decent housing

Demonstration in favor of decent housing in Barcelona

Demonstration in favor of decent housing in Barcelona

Hundreds of people have taken to the streets of several Spanish cities to demand from the Government that the new State Law for the Right to Housing guarantees, precisely, the real access to “decent housing” and an end to “the taxation that benefits speculators and the highest incomes”.

These demonstrations were called by various social entities and unions, including the Platform for People Affected by Mortgages (PAH), the Anti-Displacement Platform, CCOO, UGT and CGT, among others, and which, in the case of Madrid, has converged on the Puerta del Sol where a march to the Congress of Deputies has begun.

The participants have read a manifesto warning the Government that the Housing Law will be a dead letter if it does not protect and guarantee effectively the Law throughout the territory and that proposes 8 measures. These include the need to ensure and expand the public park for social rental, the regulation of rents at prices appropriate to the salaries of the population in each area of ​​the territory or the modification of the urban rental law to provide protection and stability to tenants throughout the country.

According to the data of the organizers, there are more than 32,000 people suffering from “homelessness”, 12 million at risk of social exclusion, more than a million evictions between 2008 and in the third quarter of 2020. In addition, they criticize that in Spain 36.1% of the population allocate more than 40% of their income to the payment of housing and basic supplies and thousands of other young households cannot even be formed.

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The deputy of United We Can in the Madrid Assembly, Isa Serra, has asked the PSOE to “back down” with its decision to reject the limitation of maximum prices demanded by the Ministry of Social Rights and propose, instead, modulate the current 60% deduction in personal income tax for net rental income of habitual residence as a mechanism for price containment.

Serra has stated that it is an unaffordable proposal because it benefits large owners. “You have to stop your feet at the vulture bottoms“, stressed Serra, for whom it is unacceptable that families and young people do not have to pay the rent, that there are so many families evicted and that the large construction companies send so much.”

In Barcelona, ​​some five hundred people, according to the Guardia Urbana, have gathered at the headquarters of the Central Government Delegation in Catalonia to urge the central Government and the new executive of the Generalitat to “guarantee the effective right to decent housing.” They have also demanded that there be “no eviction of vulnerable people with no alternative, the expansion of the public stock of social rental to 20% of the housing complex, the regulation of rents at prices appropriate to wages, the guarantee of basic supplies and an effective second chance for households with mortgage debts “.

The three capitals of the Basque Country have also held this 20M demonstrations for the Housing Law, the most massive, that of San Sebastián, where a hundred people have gathered in the Alderdi Eder gardens, in front of the regional Executive building. There they have unfolded two banners with the slogans: “For a law that guarantees housing. Inor kale gorrian” and “Speculation, neither forgetfulness nor forgiveness“while chanting slogans against” vulture funds “and in favor of rent control.

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In Bilbao, around thirty people gathered in Plaza Moyúa, while the Vitoria demonstration took place in Plaza de la Virgen Blanca, where several dozen people gathered behind a banner with the slogan: “For one law that guarantees housing. Inor is kale gorrian “.

Dozens of people have also taken to the streets of Pamplona to warn that the negotiation of this national law “will be a dead letter if it does not effectively protect and guarantee the right throughout the territory” and if they let the financial sector, large real estate companies and vulture funds dictate the text of this Law.

In Logroño, fifty people have gathered in front of the Government Delegation to say: “We cannot miss the opportunity provided by the drafting of the first state law on the matter to achieve a historic advance in the coverage of this fundamental right “.

Finally, in Valencia, some four hundred people, according to the organizers, have gathered in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento to claim the opportunity “provided by the development of the state housing law to achieve “a historic advance” in the coverage of this fundamental right, after “42 years of absolute violation of this human right.”


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