Friday, October 22

Hundreds of radicals attack the Police with cobblestones and bottles in the demonstration for Pablo Hasél




The arrest and subsequent incarceration of Pablo Hasél has served as a “spur” to the extreme left, always eager for references to make her own on the street. The fuse of the riots lit yesterday in Barcelona has been repeated today in Barcelona and has also exploded in the center of Madrid. In the rally called at 7:00 p.m. at Puerta del Sol, a large group of people tried to burst one of the police filters. From that moment on, the pressure has grown and the concentration has turned into a battlefield.

The protesters have used a quiet moment of the protest to disperse and unleash the first clashes. In the race of San Jerónimo they have thrown the first stones and bottles and blasted bins. They have also thrown blunt objects at journalists gathered in the area. Stated from the first hour, although without actually leaving the square, the members of the Intervention Unit of the National Police (UIP), who had already established filters to requisition blunt objects, have begun to load to contain the mass.

Vandals have besieged the glass vault of the Sol Metro station, closed for works. The police load has intensified. A group of ‘riot police’ has lowered the metal blind at the entrance to the suburban to trap several protesters inside. At 8.30 pm, the Police, who have taken over all the surrounding streets, have managed to control the central square. But the pressure did not decrease: from one side were flying cobblestones torn from the ground, from the other, rubber balls.

The protesters have once again dispersed in the direction of Tirso de Molina, destroying the containers in their path. Minutes before nine o’clock at night, in the Calle de Correos, the agents tried to brake with tear gas to the mob, which kept throwing stones and has erected barricades, burning mattresses and other objects.

The protest, called by the platform Movimiento Antirrepresivo De Madrid under the slogan ‘Kidnapped by the State, Everyone on the street! Let’s conquer their freedom! ‘, Was not communicated to the Government Delegation. Before the ‘fireworks’, the radicals have chanted slogans in favor of the rapper, sentenced to nine months in prison for exalting terrorism and insults to the Crown. To the cry of “Pablo Hasél, freedom!” “Here are the antifascists!” or “to be a policeman, I would be ashamed”, dozens of individuals have occupied a Puerta del Sol shielded by cloak and dagger before the foreseeable future of events.

The wick of the riots

The first day of riots over the rapper’s imprisonment broke out in Barcelona, where more than a thousand people gathered in Plaça Lesseps, before the Mossos and the Guardia Urbana. At nine o’clock at night the concentration reached its peak. Tens of hooded men busted shop windows and bank branches to stones and set fire to containers. During the demonstration, at least one young woman was injured in one eye by what, according to some sources, could have been the firing of a Mossos foam ball.

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