Sunday, May 16

Hundreds of thousands of Burmese lead the largest marches against the coup

Image of the protests in Burma

Image of the protests in Burma

Hundreds of thousands of Burmese people are leading this Sunday in a series of marches across the country against the coup in February and which, according to witnesses, They would be the most numerous views since the start of the protests.

The protesters have concentrated in the financial capital of the country, Rangoon, and in economic centers such as Mandalay, as well as in dozens of other towns, to remember those who died in the protests and demand the immediate release of political prisoners, starting with the country’s ‘de facto’ leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Mandalay has been the scene of heavy fighting in recent hours. The Myanmar Now news portal, which cites witnesses to the incidents, has reported an as yet undetermined number of wounded and another 70 people detained.

“Even if they point guns at us, we must continue to express our discontent,” shouted one of the Mandalay protesters before the crowd that accompanied him and under the watchful eye of the police deployment, after a night of new raids against opposition activists and members of the party of Suu Kyi, the National League for Democracy.

In fact, in the last hours, the death of a person responsible has been reported The party’s headquarters in Yangon, identified as Khin Maung Latt, reports the Myanmar Now news portal.

This sunday morning, his family was informed that he died after “fainting”, only to end up recovering his body, drenched in blood, from the Mingaladon military hospital. The spokesman for the Society of Former Political Prisoners, U Tun Ky, has denounced that the victim was “tortured to death”, according to the newspaper ‘The Irrawaddy’.

Meanwhile, Yangon residents have informed the DPA news agency of several shots in the city during the night, which has registered at least three arrests. “Our protest line was quite strong but it was destroyed last night, shot, and between threats to the people,” one of the residents of the Sanchaung district told DPA.

The United Nations estimates that around 50 people have died since the coup on February 1 and, according to the latest update of the balance of prisoners made by the Association for Assistance to Political Prisoners of Burma, 1,215 people remain in detention, while 1,522 have been arrested or charges have been brought against them.

China calls for calm

Faced with this situation, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has stated that the top priority for Burma is to prevent further bloodshed, as the spokesperson for a government traditionally considered an important ally of the Burmese Army.

I hope the relevant parties in Myanmar remain calm and exercise restraint., act in the fundamental interests of the people, address their differences through dialogue and consultations within the constitutional and legal framework, and continue to advance the democratic transition, “Wang said at a press conference.

The minister added that “the immediate priority is to avoid the continuation of the conflict and bloodshed, to defuse the situation as soon as possible.”

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