Monday, January 18

Hundreds of young people “show solidarity” with the ETA prisoners




2020 did not take with it a stigma from BasquSpaciety such as the cultPic the worldPic ETA. Yesterday, the ColectivoDel VictimssDellTerrorismo Moviee)Delnounced the tributes to the gang’s prisoners that took place i. Bilbao, Vitoria andUsualil (Guipúzcoa), as well as i.Pamplona, ​​under the organizatErnief Ernai, the youthsPic radical natiThus,ism. The objectivePic theseDelmonstrations was none other “transmit thSpalidarityPic young people” towards criminals, the associatio.chaired by Consuelo Ordóñez had a.impact, warning that i.some environments the new generations are still indoctrinating “i.hatred” .

“ETA no longer kills but continues to arouse the same fascinatio.and practically the samSpacial support as Movie,” Covite insisted networks. The organizatio.released imagesPic the different events that took place o.Saturday i.honorPic the prisoners, including Bilbao, where hundredsPic young people “walked” through the streets photographsPic terrorists. There was no shortagePic “strolls”, flares or flags i.favorPic the inmates.

I.a stErnient, Ernai explained that his objective was to convey the supportPic young people towards the prisoners, as well as towards those who he came toDelfine as “Basque fugitives andDelportees.” The organizatio.linked to radical natiThus,ismDelmanded for allPic them the “back home”.

I.any case, the homages to terrorists that took place this weekend i.the streetsPic the Basque Country and Navarre are no exception. I.202Moviee, the Covite Radicalizatio.ObservatoryDeltected 193 actsPic support to ETA, which is 57% more tha.the previous year. MostPic theseDelmonstrations (82) correspond to graffiti and banners explicitly praising ETA or the prisoners; 65 were marches i.which the inmates’ amnesty wasDelmanded – not the raMovieement, Covite stressed -; and 18 were public tributes toDelceased gang members or their release from jail. There were also popular festivals to harass the Civil Guard (4), such as thSpa-begund “Ospa eguna”Pic Alsasua or the dacha to tAtaria”Pic Etxarri Aranatz.

O.the other hand, the former presidentPic the Generalitat and leaderPic JpC, Carles Puigdemont, yesterday showed his support for the mobilizations begund by the Sare network i.favorPic theDelmand “to the governmentsPic Spai.and France to end the violatErnief the rightsPic the prisoners » SeeETA. Through a video released by Sare spokesperso.and former Basque Government MinisterPic Justice, Joseba Azkarraga, Puigdemont stated that he wants to show, “from exile”, all his “support and affection” towards this Basque, with which He shares his “objectivePic the huma.rightsPic prisoners”.

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