Tuesday, June 15

Hungary wants to ban talk about homosexuality in schools

People attend a LGBT Pride demonstration

People attend a LGBT Pride demonstration

A legislative proposal by the government of ultranationalist Viktor Orbán that is being debated next week aims to ban talking about homosexuality in schools in Hungary, a measure similar to the one adopted by Russia in 2013, according to the LGTB + community.

“Fidesz (Orbán’s government party). By banning programs with LGTB + themes in schools and social awareness programs, would severely limit the freedom of expression and children’s rights with legislation similar to the Russian propaganda law, “say several NGOs in the country in a statement.

A bill presented to Parliament by deputies of the government Fidesz against pedophilia prohibits exposing minors under 18 to pornography and any content that encourages gender change and homosexuality.

The bill is “unprecedented in the European Union (EU)” and endangers the mental health of LGBT + youth, say in a joint statement five NGOs such as the Háttér Association, for the defense of homosexual rights, Amnesty International or Budapest Pride. These organizations recall that Russia passed a law against “gay propaganda” in 2013, very similar to the one proposed by Orbán, and since its entry into force homophobia has grown considerably in that country.

Since coming to power in 2010, the Orbán government has adopted a series of laws that limit the rights of LGTB + communities and several politicians have publicly launched messages homophobes. Some analysts believe that Orban in recent months raised the rhetoric against the LGBT + community to satisfy his more conservative base in the face of the disputed legislative elections of 2022.

In the 2011 constitution, approved alone by Orbán’s party, it was determined that marriage was the union of a man and a woman and recently adoption by same-sex couples was banned.

El Presidente del Parlamentos y uno de los fundadores del Fidesz, László Kövér ha compared to homosexuals who want to adopt with pedophiles. “From a moral point of view there is no difference between the behavior of a pedophile and those who ask for this (marriage and the possibility of adoption by homosexual couples),” said Kövér.

“Hungary is a country that is tolerant and patient with homosexuality, as long as our children are left alone,” Orbán said at the time.

Last year, a children’s book entitled ‘Wonderland is for everyone’, which sought to show respect for minorities, was described by the government as “homosexual propaganda” that should be banned in schools.

During the pandemic, in May 2020, the Government prohibited transsexuals from being renamed.


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