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Hungary will establish in the Constitution that “the father is male” and “the mother is female”

Viktor Orbán, President of Hungary.

Viktor Orbán, President of Hungary.

The Ultranationalist Government of Hungary has submitted legal changes that, if approved, will represent a veto adoption by same-sex couples, which has outraged the LGTB + community.

The Minister of Justice, Judit Varga, proposes to include in a constitutional amendment that “the mother is female, the father is male” and that Hungary guarantees the development of the child according to its gender at birth.

Varga justified the proposal by assuring that the amendment is necessary because “new ideas from the Western world endanger the right of children to healthy development”, without specifying what type of ideas those are.

Therefore, according to the head of Justice, The guarantee that children will receive an education based on Christian values ​​will also be included in the Magna Carta.

In parallel, a bill also presented now establishes that adoption can only be exercised by heterosexual marriages.

Traditional family

The Orbán Government, in power since 2010, already established in the Constitution – which it drafted alone and which came into force in 2011 – the defense of the traditional family model.

“Hungary defends the institution of marriage, as the union voluntarily contracted by a man and a woman,” says the 2011 text, thus excluding marriage between persons of the same sex.

That Constitution establishes “the family and the nation as the main framework of coexistence”, and the family is defined as “the basis for the survival of the nation.”

The Hungarian Magna Carta has been criticized by various experts for breaking the principle of ideological neutrality of modern constitutions.

In hungary the marriage of same-gender couples is not authorized, but the registered union does, although with very limited rights compared to heterosexual marriages.

For these couples adoption is currently possible on an individual basis.


“The bill stigmatizes same-sex couples raising children and transgender people, while it makes individual adoption impossible “, underlined the Háttér Society, which defends LGTB + rights.

In its statement, this group affirmed that the exclusion of homosexual couples from the institution of marriage “goes against international and European principles.”

The organization stresses that, if these changes are approved, adoption will be impossible for those who do not live in marriage and that there will only be exceptions if the Minister of Family Policies so decides personally in each case.

Exclusive speech

Some analysts point out that these legal changes are part of a government strategy to ensure the adherence of their bases as the pandemic hits the economy, with an eye toward the 2022 elections.

The speech against the LGTB + community of the Government and the ruling party of Hungary has risen in tone in the last two years.

In May 2019 the President of the Hungarian Parliament, the ultra-conservative László Kövér, compared homosexuals who want to adopt children with pedophiles.

Months later, a deputy from the ruling Fidesz party started a campaign against the Coca Cola soft drink company because same-sex couples appeared on their posters.

The latest scandal exploded when the deputy of the far-right party, Mi Hazánk (Nuestra Patria) ,dóra Dúró publicly destroyed a storybook featuring social minorities, sexual and ethnic.

One of the verses in this book deals with the story of how two princes got married, which caused the rejection of the deputy.

“Hungary is a country that is tolerant and patient with homosexuality, as long as our children are left alone,” Orbán said when speaking about the case of the destruction of the book.

The 2020 annual report of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) reveals a worsening situation and is ranked 27 out of a total of 49 European countries in the index that assesses the legal situation the LGTB + communities.

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