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Hunting season in Alicante 2021-2022: hopeful start

The general hunting season started on October 11 in the Valencian Community.

The general hunting season started on October 11 in the Valencian Community.

Day of illusion, of meeting between colleagues and not without nerves that the more than 20,000 hunters lived on October 11, between federated and non-federated, in the province of Alicante, before the opening of the general hunting season In the Valencian community. It also does so with the good news of the almost elimination of sanitary measures against covid-19.

The hunt after the covid

In this sense, the delegate of the Hunting Federation in Alicante, Óscar Cobí, told this newspaper that, “we are facing an opening of the hopeful season unlike previous campaigns. Fortunately, the health situation has changed in recent weeks and there will be many hunters who, while still complying with the anti-covid regulations still established, will be able to go out to hunt normally on this first day ”, said the territorial hunting delegate in Alicante with joy.

The Federation develops actions for the reproduction of species for conservation and sustainable use


Normality is the word that should define the beginning of this hunting season in the province of Alicante. The majority of the clubs in all the regions have offered positive evaluations regarding the premiere of the small hunting campaign in the province. The climatology, this year something more benevolent, will encourage even more the desire to premiere the hunting season.

The rains that have fallen in recent weeks in many parts of the province have been beneficial, although they have caused the vegetation increase in many bounded areas, which in certain regions can make the abatement of the pieces more complicated, since have increased defenses for animals.

The campaign begins with reasoned hopes especially as far as the queen species of the general is concerned, the partridge, since there have been numerous flocks of red-legged ones observed during the half-season and they have reached the opening date with a acceptable Bonelli’s population, as indicated by different associations and clubs of provincial hunters.

The weather will further encourage the desire to launch the hunting season

In relation to rabbits There are also some good population numbers, although in some limited areas there has also been a noticeable drop in numbers due to their endemic diseases. The Federation is currently developing actions on the monitoring and reproduction of species for conservation and sustainable use. The presence of other game species allowed their hunting, such as paloma torcaz O hares in small game, O wild pig and i ruined in major, it is also numerous in many regions.

Respect for the environment

The Hunting Delegation in Alicante has once again called on “the importance of hunt in a responsible and orderly manner, ”, Complying with current regulations and respecting the quotas established for hunters these days, for each species.

Also remember all hunters “Be careful” with dogs on hot days and keep them under control to avoid incidents; exercise extreme caution in handling of weapons to avoid accidents; and follow the recommendations and standards established, in addition to the “maximum respect for the environment and species”.

All hunters are reminded to “be careful” with dogs on hot days

The territorial delegate in Alicante, Óscar Corbí, wished all hunters in the province happy hauls and highlighted the “exemplary behavior of the Alicante hunters, with absolute respect for fauna and the environment“, And has encouraged them to fully enjoy the upcoming dates of their wonderful hobby with”responsibility”.

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