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Hyundai Spain, leader of the Korean brand in Europe in 2021

In the midst of the umpteenth crisis that is plaguing the automobile sector, this time a crisis derived from supply and not demand as usual, hyundai spain presents us the results achieved in the domestic market in the 2021.

Of course, the case of Hyundai it is to study it in business schools. From being a brand until not so many years ago oriented to sales volume based on price, it has passed thanks to a reorientation towards improvement, both in designs, perceived qualities, service and, above all, research and development clearly oriented towards eco -mobility, to be one of the true protagonists of the automobile sector in Spain, achieving the best result of the Korean brand in all of Europe, with a 6.7% market penetration, when the European average stands at 4.4%.

The keys to the success of Hyundai Spain

Where does this success come from? The general manager of the brand in Spain, Polo Satrústegui, bases everything on two pillars, since it must be taken into account that the range is the same for all European markets. The first in its internal policy clearly oriented to favor and take care of dealers, and its profitability is a dogma of faith. That of Spain is one point above the European average, specifically at 2.1%. If the dealers obtain high profitability from the brand, it is logical that they invest in it, and thereby achieve even better results. Keep in mind that for Hyundai the customer is the key and they are fully oriented towards your satisfaction, and for this the dealer is the basic pillar of this policy. The second factor is given by the human group that makes up the company, engaged and very professional, something that is assumed but that is not as easy to find as it seems.

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Getting fully into numbers, the Korean brand has managed to rise from seventh place in the Spanish market in turnover al fifth, with 57,508 cars sold, being the brand that grew the most with an increase of 26.70%. However, it must be taken into account that hyundai korea he did things well at the time he collected microchips with which it has been much less affected by this crisis of lack of supplies than the vast majority of brands.

a reference range

By models, the Tucson has managed to climb to the second place of the best-selling cars in Spain, becoming the leader in its category with 21,258 units. Last year, around this time, I remember that they highlighted the entry into the market of the new Tucson with a force that exceeded their best expectations. It was not a flower of a day.

Another aspect to highlight is the weight that the brand has electrified models, representing a 50% of total sales, when in 2021 they represented 34%. In fact, they stand out as a competitive advantage that they are the only brand that offers the five electrification possibilities existing: light hybridization, self-charging hybrid, plug-in hybrid, pure electric and hydrogen fuel cell. Models like the recently launched Ioniq 5, pure electric, strengthen this position in the market. In fact, he has recently been chosen as Iberian Press Readers’ Car of the Year, an award he received for his innovative proposal for ecological mobility, its innovative design, with top quality finishes and technology worthy of a premium segment vehicle.

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A complex 2022 for everyone

Arrived at the moment of the crystal ball, that is to say, at the market forecasts for this recently inaugurated 2022, the issue is quite complicated. If by itself it becomes very complex jumping into the pool of pointing out a forecast, the current situation makes it extremely difficult. With small mouths, they hope to consolidate this new position as protagonists of the market, with a 5% increase over last year’s sales, but I see it logical to think that in their heart of hearts they hope to exceed that forecast. They will not have it easy because the circumstances are what they are, and it will not be easy for anyone, but they fully trust their possibilities.

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