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“Hyundai’s brand philosophy is closely linked to the values ​​of the world of sports”

“Hyundai’s brand philosophy is closely linked to the values ​​of the world of sports”

HyundaiIt has become one of the major players in the Spanish car market in recent years. The growth of the automobile fleet in our country has gone hand in hand with the evolution of its range and of a service network that has taken a considerable leap in quality at all levels.

A process that stood out Polo Satrústegui, General Manager of Hyundai Motor Spain, during his visit to Valencia on the occasion of the official presentation of the Hyundai Koryo Car DSTREL Cycling Team. The top leader of the Korean firm took advantage of the launch of this female cyclist and paracycling training to highlight the similarities between the world of sports and the work philosophy of the company he runs.

Satrústegui showed his satisfaction with projects such as the one led by Koryo Car with this team; “At Hyundai we identify a lot with the values ​​that surround the world of sports, being a brand that bases its philosophy on the effort and hard work that has characterized a career like ours, that we come from behind and that little by little we have been climbing positions, to place ourselves among the top positions “.

An argument that is based on an outstanding growth both in terms of sales, supply and even technology, where Hyundai has already become a “reference in the field of SUV with the Tucson leading its segment, or that of electric vehicles to which the Ioniq 5 will be incorporated this summer “as stated by Polo Satrústegui. And the fact is that Hyundai’s eagerness for innovation and entrepreneurship is closely linked to the world of sports in our country.


In this sense, the director of the brand in Spain cited examples such as “Ana Carrasco, Dani Sordo or Mireia Belmonte, brand ambassadors and maximum references in the world of rallies, motorcycling or swimming “that help to project the image of Hyundai, as we do with other sponsorships related to the world of football such as Atlético de Madrid, the World Cup or the Eurocup, or the SBK World Cup.

In addition, Polo Satrústegui announced the next signing of the “agreement with the Valencia Marathon”, a test that has already become one of the most important events on the international athletics calendar.

Along the same lines of support for amateur sports, the Hyundai executive expressed his satisfaction with other initiatives undertaken by the brand, such as the project “Together on the Asphalt” with which, “since 2017 we have been supporting cycling clubs to improve the safety of athletes, and try to educate people and show that it is possible that cars and bikes can coexist on the road.”

On the other hand, Polo Satrústegui placed special emphasis on the “exponential evolution that we have had in the province of Valencia in recent years, where we have gone from having a market share below 2%, to have forecasts of reaching 75 in 2021. ”

Likewise, he recognized the work carried out by the official representatives of Hyundai, Autiber Motor and Koryo Car, which have facilitated that “in Valencia growth has been faster than in the rest of the country, to reach a position that six years ago we did not We imagined we were going to be able to achieve it. ”

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A positive outlook that is also reflected nationwide in which “we are growing continuously and our goal is to reach 5.6% of the market and try to exceed the seventh position in sales in 2020.”

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