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“I am a 38 year old boy, I am very, very happy,” says Alves in his presentation.

  • The Brazilian footballer remembers that he has tried to return to FC Barcelona for years

  • “The word happy falls short for what I’m living,” he says.

  • About 10,000 people gather at the Camp Nou to welcome him

Dani alves He promised himself to return as a FC Barcelona player one day. He has explained it in his presentation back to the Camp Nou. “I’ve been trying to get back for five years.” And now he has finally achieved it at 38 years old. “I am a 38-year-old boy. I am very, very happy,” the Brazilian full-back said in an interview with Barça TV.

Alves has signed his contract until the end of the season alongside Joan Laporta, to which he admits that I “crushed” messages to try to return. So proud has Alves been shown that he jumped in a suit but barefoot to the lawn of the Camp Nou, as in his day he did Yerry Mina. A total of 10,378 fans gathered in the stands to greet him, a figure very similar to that received by Xavi Hernández.

When he found out that the decision was up to Xavi (so the Barça president told him), Alves felt he had possibilities. “The process has been very curious. I wanted to go back to play. Whatever. I guarantee that I can help, I told the president. I can help the players know what Barça is. I had meetings and when I found out that Xavi was going to fix it. , I thought that there my options increased. Xavi he knows what I think and what we live on and off the field. My chances increased and then he called me asking if he could help. I told him: “It’s Barça and if Barça needs me, I don’t want to know anything else. I’ll fix it with the club. No matter how. From that call, I was already at Barça. No matter the way,” the Brazilian has explained to Barça TV.

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The lowest salary

Alves has put all the facilities in the world to the point that he will collect the minimum professional salary, 155,000 euros according to the agreement in force in Primera, although he will have incentives to increase the emoluments based on his performance. He will be the footballer with the lowest salary of the entire squad. But that doesn’t matter to him. “If you need to play for free, play for free,” he declared. “The word content falls short of what I am experiencing. The feeling that I have inside is inexplicable. I am going to live all that I know that generates pleasure for the second time.”

Related news

Alves will wear number 8, and had a memory in this regard for Hristo stoichkov. “One day I told him I was going to come back and bring his number, and when it was confirmed I called him: ‘I told you'”. He also sent a courtesy message to André Iniesta, another illustrious 8. “I told him it would be a great honor to wear his number.” The winger comes from winning Olympic gold, aspires to play the World Cup in Qatar next year and returns to the club with which he won 23 titles.

The player has also recalled the bad moments in the entity in recent years with the previous board. “I saw that things were not going and they did not flow, they did not fit. A year before they left me without a contract but based on struggle, since they were left without an option, they had to come to me. And I said that I would stay but on the condition that I decided when to leave and be able to choose what to go out the front door. But I always thought of leaving to come back. They no longer wanted to renew me. I was leaving before they left. I had a lot of options. I left but with the tingling that I wanted to return. I went to another place crushing myself to return since I did not do the goodbye that I wanted. And here I am. “

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