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“I am not Kaiser Wilhelm”




The German Defense Minister, Christine Lamberthas confirmed that Ukraine will receive in July the first 15 Gepard armored tanks, coming from the stocks of the German industry and whose delivery to kyiv was announced on April 26. Since then, the shipment has been repeatedly delayed due to “lack of ammunition stocks» and, if now Lambrecht finally sets a date, it is only after a dramatic telephone conversation with the Ukrainian Defense Minister, Olexiy Resnikov.

According to kyiv sources, Resnikov “begged sincerity to germany about whether and when his army will finally be able to count on the German weapons promised almost a month ago’, information he needs to build his strategy.

“Our impression is that Scholz really does not want to send heavy weapons and pulls back as much as he can, although in the face of the Western gallery he presents himself as a great supporter of Ukraine,” Ukraine’s ambassador Andrij Melnyk complained in Berlin.

The german chancellorfor his part, has gone to Holland to say, escorted by Mark Ruttewhich will not send the dozen howitzers that Ukraine is also asking for, because “they cannot simply be made available”, and has defended itself against the abundant criticism of the Gepard delay by bringing up the threat of a European escalation of the conflict and of a nuclear war, which in his opinion justify the leaden feet.

“I am not Kaiser Wilhelm”

“I am not Kaiser Wilhelm”, he has recently said within a commission of the “traffic light coalition”, in which he governs supported by liberals and greens, both parties more inclined to quickly send military support to the Ukrainian resistance than the vacillating Scholz. He was referring to Wilhelm II, who promised German support for Austria-Hungary on July 5, 1914 and, after Austria-Hungary’s ultimatum to Serbia (July 23) and the declaration of war on Serbia (July 28), it was forced to enter the conflict, while Russia, as an ally of Serbia, mobilized his army and inaugurated the First World War.

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Numerous historians have come out of this comparison to recall that the correspondence with the Russian Tsar shows that William II tried to prevent the outbreak of war and the chaining of alliances was not happily abandoned, giving rise to a new national historical debate on the German refusal to grow in foreign policy and to exercise European leadership, which in this crisis continues to be left in the hands of the US. the Humboldt University of Berlin, Herfried Munklerhas found a term for German prudence in the face of Russian imperialism: “subjugation pacifism.”

German hesitations have consequences on Ukrainian soil. Zelensky has repeatedly called for “adequate weapons so that we can get to Mariupol to free these people” and has been forced to desist. Even the former Secretary General of NATO and Prime Minister of Denmark, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, has criticized the German caution, which he considers “too hesitant in the supply of heavy weapons and in the imposition of sanctions”. “Of course, Germany is highly dependent on Russian gas imports, but I think a clear stance from the government in Berlin would change the whole dynamic in Ukraine and we need German leadership,” he said in an interview with the German salmon daily Handelsblatt. .

“The danger is that Berlin will continue to stall until they no longer have to send anything because the war is over,” says the Ukrainian deputy Kmytro Natalukha, who has traveled to the German capital along with a delegation of parliamentarians from several Central European countries to try to speed up the shipment of arms. This is the “United for Ukraine” initiative, which also includes former Lithuanian head of government Andrius Kubilius and Czech senator Pavel Fischer. “Unfortunately, Germany wastes time and finds all kinds of excuses,” the former deputy head of the Ukrainian government, Ivanna Klympush, laments at the Brandenburg Gate, “and every hour of delay costs Ukrainian lives.”

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