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“I am not the only Javier in the PP”




The former secretary general of the PP Javier Arenas has denied this Tuesday as a witness before the court that judges the reform of the party headquarters with cash funds B having received gifts, complements or opaque bonuses from the party in the terms that reflect the accounting notes of the former treasurer Luis Bárcenas: «Obviously I am not the only one Javier that appears in those papers, nor does the only Javier from the Popular Party, ”he has settled.

During his testimony, the also former minister has completely distanced himself from those notes by Bárcenas, expressing his “Absolute ignorance” of quantities that there were outlined under acronyms and acronyms matching his name and surname, which, according to the former treasurer, corresponded to him. In this sense, it has affected that it does not know if among the hundreds of thousands of PP militants there is “some other Javier Arenas”

As stated, he received a responsibility salary supplement during his time as general secretary but was “on the payroll” because it was an “understood value” that these bonuses were declared to the Treasury. He has ruled out that there is any “relationship” between the semi-annual or quarterly amounts that Bárcenas wrote down and that bonus that he received.

«When I was secretary general my only remuneration was that of the party and the corresponding complement (…) I have not received any amount or from party businessmen and everything I have received I have declared to the Treasury, “he insisted at various points in his testimony.

Asked about other annotations regarding gifts he would have received, Arenas has only conceded that when he left the general secretary a “Modest dinner” in which his colleagues gave him “a silver or nickel silver tray” with a signature, but not the watch for the amount of 700 euros that appears in Bárcenas’ papers.

The same thing when the interrogation was about the loss of remuneration that being appointed minister entailed and the possibility that the party would compensate him in B. He has influenced that this was an “honor” and that he did not obtain any unofficial collection, again denying the authenticity of what Bárcenas wrote. «There is some person who has recognized that his point could be true. As far as I’m concerned, no“, has added.

In this sense, the accusations have asked him about the particular cases of Jaume Matas and Pío García Escudero, which also appear in the notes and who have indicated that they resorted to him when they needed help from the party for specific needs. As he has affirmed, he actually listened to both and gave them the same answer, that they resorted to to the treasurer, because it was who “Had all the powers” and he was in charge of money and finances, not being his responsibility to “negotiate or manage anything.”

“I took care, but I did not negotiate anything”

Matas has testified just before he asked Arenas for help when he left the ministry to run for the Balearic elections and found himself without income and without official housing. This is how he managed to enter the party’s payroll during that period. He has ruled out, however, that he received specific amounts such as those that appear in Bárcenas’ notes to pay the deposit and the rent of the house to which he had to move.

Arenas has clarified that the only thing he did was listen to his problems and tell him “to talk about it with the party treasurer.” «If they asked me if I was okay with it, I sure said yes and it seems to me that the remuneration to Matas appears in the party’s accounting for a short period of time until he was elected in the Balearic Islands, “he added.

As for Pío García Escudero, who will testify in the afternoon, he already declared in instruction that he received a loan of five million pesetas from the party to repair his home, damaged by an attack by ETA. In the notes there is a first return of that money. Arenas has expressed his “Absolute ignorance” of what Bárcenas could write down, as well as the terms of that aid to the former president of the Senate.

«I neither managed nor negotiated absolutely anything. A colleague came to tell me about a need and I told him to speak to the party treasurer according to my memory, but I did not negotiate or manage anything. I do not know how the loan operation was, I do tell you that it seems to me that it appears in the accounting and of course, that the treasurer had all the powers, “he added.

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