Wednesday, September 22

“I do believe you, Frida Sofía”: This is the public’s response to Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter

Much of the public that has heard the statements of Frida sofia, where she assures that her grandfather Enrique Guzmán abused her when she was five years old, is giving her all her support. In social networks it is read already “I do believe you Frida Sofía“. Many emphasize that no matter how long it took the victim to reveal its truth, it does not stop being legitimate.

Those who think are also against the position of Alejandra Guzmán, who, like her father, addresses the whole situation starting from the “Alleged mental problems” by Frida Sofía. This way of exposing the situation of breaking the silence has led to several calling her a “bad mother”.

The same young woman is sharing people’s opinion on her Instagram stories, showing appreciation and elaborating even more on her statements.

“I have lived in a glass house and in a golden cage, my life is unknown,” said Frida through her Instagram stories. “You would have to be a degenerate and truly poor of heart to lie about something that happened that, yes I kept quiet, that I did suffer and continue to suffer, but it is one less demon, an inexplicable freedom,” he added.

Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter adds that now her intention is also to be able to help other women and men who are also going through this type of pain. “I want to be able to help women and men who have gone through the same thing because only they understand the hell that we keep silent. Sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of humiliation and other times out of love for the aggressor. I no longer feel alone and I thank you so much. I couldn’t keep quiet ”.

On the other hand, the entertainment programs that are sharing the theme and the statements are receiving a huge amount of opinions from the public, most of whom say they are in favor of Frida Sofía.

On the Instagram of El Gordo y la Flaca a fan commented on the subject: “How sad that Alejandra forgot that she left home because her mother never paid attention to her because of her acting career, she even wrote” Bye mama “and now that Frida lived it with Alejandra. There if you cannot understand it, everything comes from the root, from childhood. What a disappointment, you were my favorite singer, ERAS ”.

On the Instagram of Despierta América someone commented: “For not wanting to listen to the children when they talk about what is happening to them, all these things happen. God knows how many times that girl complained to her mother. ”

Suelta La Sopa’s Instagram post also received similar responses: “A mother always has to believe her children and never turn her back on them.”

With Ventaneando the public is being severe. The program exclusively obtained the statement of Enrique Guzmán and for this reason many reiterate their support for Frida Sofía and someone wrote to them: “If it was the daughter of one of them who said something so strong, there would be if they took it so hard lightly and interview the beggar. Daniel’s comment completely out of place. #yositecreofrida ”.

Faced with the tears of Enrique Guzmán, Frida Sofía has not remained silent and neither has the public

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