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“I do not have this disorder”, Frida Sofía says she does not have the psychiatric condition that Alejandra Guzmán assures

Frida Sofía gives an interview and says that she does not suffer from the Borderline Personality Disorder that Alejandra Guzmán assures.

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The journalist Angelica Palacios published an interview in which it appears Frida sofia denying that he has the Borderline Personality Disorder but another that has nothing to do with that which ensures Alejandra Guzman. “I do not have that disorder”, said very emphatically the daughter of “The Queen of Rock” from Mexico by giving some strong statements on this.

Some days ago, Alejandra Guzman attended the program Adela Micha to talk about all the controversy that now reigns in the family Guzman. There they talked about many topics and the mother-daughter relationship, but the singer said that Frida suffered from a psychiatric condition. He said that at some point he sent Frida to study in the United States and there, in some of the visits, he took her to a doctor and that was when he was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. He even assured that the young woman needs to take medicines and that she is probably not taking them because he stopped paying her medical insurance and over there, Frida supposedly received the same. He also said that perhaps this is the cause of his daughter’s behavior regarding this family scandal.

But it is not the first time “La Guzmán” talk about this about Frida. He has always said: “Frida needs help and that is why I invite her to come closer to me, to her family, together and with a good professional we can get out of this”. This is the reason why Frida He has given interviews in which he claims that his mother is lying.

“She is my mother, the one who gave me life. Also if she is going to say things that are not true, I am going to defend myself “, he assured during an interview. When asked: – “It’s not true?”, Frida answered: “The diagnosis… No, absolutely not. I do not have that disorder.

He also added details of part of his upbringing: “I grew up alone… with a chingona mom, tough, tough and without a dad. That is what makes me transparent ”. He also spoke of the condition that he supposedly does suffer from: “I suffer from PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder… when you are shot as a child, a trauma happens to you, it is a kind of shock. I’m not going to go into detail because I don’t have what. Sure I need an anxiolytic. I’m not playing the victim, it’s a fact ”.

Experts say this condition is a mental health disease triggered by a terrifying situation, which the person could have experienced at any time in life and where fear always accompanies the person who suffers from it. Symptoms include: nightmares, feeling of living the same in any eventuality, anxiety and extreme anguish.

Let us remember that all this comes from the fact that the Frida Sofía declared that her grandfather Enrique Guzmán had abused her and groped her when she was just a five-year-old girl.

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