Monday, January 18

“I don’t know if I’m going to leave; I’ll wait for the season to end”

  • “If I leave, I would like to leave in the best way, always speaking hypothetically. I am going to stay and live in Barcelona when I stop being a player and I want to be at the club”

  • “I would resend the burofax. Yes, it is a way to formalize it and make it official. It was a way of saying I want to go seriously.”

  • “I don’t see myself as a coach, maybe as a sports director”

  • “I should have gone to the psychologist sometime. I don’t know, it’s hard for me to take that step despite knowing that I need it. They insisted that I go, Antonella many times, that I needed it”

It was known, after the first preview of the interview that he had given to Jordi Évole, what Lionel messi I was excited and had regained the desire to play, and to play with the Barça four months after announcing in August that he wanted to leave the club. Now much more is known after the broadcast last night of the publicized talk. The most important thing is known: that Messi has not decided to leave Barça.

“I will wait for the year to end,” assured the Barça captain. He will wait to meet the president who wins at the polls on January 24 and to analyze the course of the season to make a decision “with his heart and his head” on June 30. “I want to think about the team, about finishing the year well, about getting titles and not getting distracted by other things,” he stressed, denying that he had spoken with any candidate. He asks the future president to be “very intelligent to order everything” in a club that is “bad, very bad”, in the eyes of the captain of the first soccer team.

Messi remains, therefore, driving away the danger of starting to think about a destination as of next Friday, January 1, when the regulations allow it. He has not chosen his destiny: nor the Manchester City by Pep Guardiola and Paris Saint Germain of his friend Neymar. He is attracted, Messi admitted, an experience in the United States. “Madrid?” Asked Évole, to excite fear of the great Barcelona enemy. Impossible, impossible. And neither Atlético ».

The burofax

Messi has changed his mind with respect to the month of August, when he sent the burofax, which he would send again, he said. He is happier and feels that he is in the place where he wants, something that he did not think in summer, when he sent the burofax. I would send it again. Without any doubt or regret. The intention was to formalize the desire to leave, long denied by Bartomeu, although the lawyers he consulted supported his decision and predicted that if he went to trial they would agree with him in a trial. “I didn’t want to leave the club of my life like that,” he repeated. The former president was hurt again.

«Bartomeu deceived me in many things that I prefer not to say because I do not like to talk about private things nor do I want to bring them up. But I can assure you that he cheated on me many times, “he said, shading his face. In a previous allusion he was more relaxed: “I never called Bartomeu Nobita”, he confessed, alluding to the nickname that the Barcelona leader had. To the new one, Carles Tusquets, he ordered him to act as a “manager”, as his name suggests, and to issue opinions about the future, not a past in which he could not intervene.

Messi is not so obsessed with leaving Barça and the city where he will live when he “returns.” If it goes. He anticipated that he would like to rejoin to work at the club after retiring. «I don’t see myself as a coach. Maybe a sports director to bring in good players.

Faith and Koeman

“It was difficult for me to adapt to the changing room because there were a lot of new people, from abroad, from different cultures and there were few of the house left,” he explained to Évole, assessing the condition of homegrown players as they were the majority of his closest circle, in addition to Luis Suarez. After criticizing that there was no sports project and that they “juggled” · with Ronald Koeman he sees seriousness. And she has some faith in him: “He’s doing things right.”

In August, Messi repeated again from the same living room in his house where he had confessed, he had a very bad time with the Bayern beating and the dismissals in the squad and dragged him at the beginning of the season, he admitted, being aware that Barça is still in “a difficult time” due to institutional distress and the economic crisis derived from the pandemic.

It may interest you

From the review of 16 years in the Barça first team and the eight coaches he has had (Rijkaard, Guardiola Tito Vilanova, Martino, Luis Enrique, Valverde, Setién and Koeman), Messi keeps a pleasant memory, bordering on admiration, of two. From Guardiola because he has “something special” in the way “how he prepared the matches, where to attack”, and from Luis Enrique. “Having them so often and so fast made me grow a lot in football and tactical wisdom,” he explained with a certain nostalgia. Without them, the titles are over.

There were very personal confessions, such as that he knows how much money he has, that he is still very introverted and that he disregards advice to overcome that secrecy. «I should have gone to the psychologist and I didn’t. Why? I do not know, it is difficult for me to take that step knowing that I need it and that it would be good for me, “admitted Messi, who considers his life” boring, I can explain it at all “, that he has ever gone to the supermarket and that he would go more often if from time to time I could enjoy anonymity. Something also impossible.

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