Thursday, September 23

“I dreamed of this like a maniac,” says Warholm after smashing the world record of 400 hurdles in Tokyo.

  • The Norwegian made a formidable race to win gold in a test that already held the record

  • “It’s crazy. By far, it’s the greatest moment of my life,” he says.

The Norwegian Athlete Karsten Warholm smashed in the Olympic final 400 meters hurdles his own world record with a time of 45.94 seconds in a stratospheric race in which he dueled with the American Ray benjamin, who finished second with 46.17. Warholm, of course, was ecstatic. “This is the greatest moment of my life,” he said.

“It’s crazy. By far the greatest moment of my life, because it defines everything, all the hours I’ve put into it, everything my coach has been working for. I dreamed of this like a maniac. I slept all of them. the nights with it, thousands of hours thinking about this. This medal completes my collection, “he said after the race.

This is the second world record that falls during the Tokyo 2020 Games, after the one achieved by the Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas in the triple jump final (15.67).

Infantile nervousness

Warholm confessed that it was on his nerves. “I felt in my chest that special feeling when you are nervous, the one I felt when I was six years old, which I had never had as an adult, but yesterday I felt it.”

Regarding the race, he stressed that he had not touched a single fence. “And on top of that I was able to find one more march when I got home. It’s something big, historic, the only thing missing from my collection,” he congratulated himself.

“I had the world title, the European title, the European and world record. The Olympic gold medal is what everyone talks about. I knew this race was going to be the most difficult of my life, but I was prepared.”

The old record of Barcelona-92

On July 1, at the Bislett Games in Oslo, Warlhom finally managed, with a mark of 46.70, to break the old record set by American Kevin Young at the Barcelona’92 Games (46.78).

In the supreme hour of the Olympic final, Warholm has ratified his hegemony and Benjamin has forced him to break the world record if he wanted to win the gold medal, because the American paired with the Norwegian in the middle of the final straight, shortly before attacking. the last hurdle.

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It was at that point, pressured by the menacing presence, shoulder to shoulder, of the American, that Warholm put one more gear to win the goal with an astonishing time that lowered his previous world record by 76 hundredths.

If Kevin Young’s record had remained intact for 29 years, Warholm’s first has had an ephemeral life, 33 days.

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