Friday, February 26

“I felt like I had hundreds of pairs of animal eyes staring at me”: the harsh confessions of a slaughterhouse worker

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Skull of a cow

Little is knowwn of the people who spend their days killing animals to get the meat what do we consume. Ua former slaughterhouse worker described to the BBC what it was like your job and the effect it had on your mental health.

Warning: this story may hurt the sensibilities of some readers.


When I was a child I dreamed of being a veterinarian. I imagined playing with mischievous puppies, calming frightened kittens, and, being a country girl, doing check-ups on local farm animals if they were feeling unwell.

It was quite an idyllic life that I dreamed of for myself, but things now they turned out exactly like that. I ended up working in a slaughterhouse.

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