Friday, November 26

“I have an 8-month-old pregnant woman and she had nothing to eat. I thought they were going to deport me”: Haitians who traveled through Latin America and managed to cross into the United States.

  • Ivan Reyes
  • BBC World Special. Del Rio (USA)

Haitians in Del Rio

Image source, Ivan Reyes

“Mom, I’m free now, I’m fine,” says a young Haitian immigrant who has just been legally admitted to the United States by phone.

He hopes that they will give him access to the shelter of Del Río, the small city on the border with Mexico that in recent weeks has been overwhelmed by the arrival of Haitian migrants.

The young man holds the cell phone with which he talks to his mother with his left hand. With the right he inserts the laces of his shoes, seized by the police after his arrest and handed over now that he is free again.

It is 8:30 in the morning on Tuesday, September 21. Three vehicles stop in front of the entrance to the shelter. A Border Patrol official gets out of one of the units, opens the sliding door so that, one by one, migrants who were detained at the border come out and are now released.

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