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«I have my Grammy to the ‘laíto’ of my Champions»

«I come from a poor neighborhood in the Port and the jargon of urban music is spoken there». / alba tudela

José Manuel Pinto ‘Wahin’, musician and exporter

«At school they messed with my last name, but I turned bullying around and today that nickname is my stage name as a singer»

Many will remember him as a Barça goalkeeper but, wherever they see him, Pinto, with his Cadiz accent and his bit of jokes, in addition to a Champions League and a ‘Zamora’ to the goalkeeper with the fewest goals, has a Grammy as a sound engineer. He also sings under the stage name ‘Wahin’ and has just released a song called ‘Canalla’ which is pure dirty urban music. In addition, this 46-year-old ‘machine’ has created a successful training method for jumping rope dancing. And to think that his grandfather told him to focus only on one thing…

– Since when is it called ‘Wahin’?

– They put it on me as a child. I started making music when I was 14 and have been using it ever since. It comes from ‘Pinto Wahinto’.

– And what is that?

– My last name is Pinto Colorado and they messed with me at school. They told me: ‘I paint Gorgorito’, ‘Between Pinto and Valdemoro’, ‘I paint red, I paint green…’ Everything. One day one told me like that while singing ‘Pinto Wahinto’. I decided to turn it around and turn bullying into something positive. I adopted Pinto Wahinto as a stage name. My friends thought it was too long and from Wahinto it stayed in Wahin.

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– At what point did football beat music?

– Never. They have always gone hand in hand. In the year 2000 I made my record label: ‘Wahin Maquinaciones’. My teammates knew it. They always saw me with music, and studying, because I’m a sound engineer and I have a master’s degree in music production. They jokingly called me ‘the engineer’. And as an engineer I have a Grammy for the best flamenco album by Niña Pastori. I have my gramophone at the ‘laíto’ of my Champions. I also have songs in Hollywood movies like ‘Fast & Furious 8’ and ‘Miami Departed’.

– And then he goes and makes letters as obvious as the one that says: «My friends are asking me for syrup from my stick…».

– Entertaining people without hurting anyone is the most beautiful thing. What I say in ‘Canalla’ is that, in a matter of horns, both are scoundrels. Who would be guilty: she who seeks it or he who accepts? He is mutual and that is equality.

– And you can’t sing to equality without having to ask: «Do you fancy my picket?..».

– I come from Los Milagros, a poor neighborhood in Puerto de Santa María where people speak like that. It is the typical jargon of urban music. That music is there. The children will listen to it. And I, as I did with bullying, I have turned it around. I try to translate these naughty songs to the positive part and make people jump rope with that type of music to give them the healthy part, to generate health.

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– He says it because of his training method, the ‘P13 FIT’, I imagine.

– Yes, it is a method with less impact than running, based on the child’s jump. What I have done is reinvent it by adapting it to the rhythm of the music and with choreography. It prevents osteoporosis and burns ten times more calories than Zumba. I have given it the number 13 because I made my debut on the 13th and I won the first Copa del Rey on the 13th. The method is designed to be 13 basic movements. We already have about 200 instructors and even 65-year-old students at the advanced level. And it has reached Venezuela, the United States, Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico…

– He was in the best times for Barça, do you have faith in Xavi as a coach?

– A lot, because I have lived it in person and I know what a great player he is and the vision he has. I have lived something that is already in history. I have also enjoyed the best at Celta, a Champions League that is also history. Someone said that maybe the talisman was me.

– And do you have something rogue, like your song?

– A little. I have been with my wife since I was a teenager. But when she is an artist, the stories she tells do not have to be her own. I have two children, my 14-year-old girl and my nine-year-old boy. My wife is my friend, my partner. She is American, daughter of a soldier from Rota. We started fooling around and at 15 we were already dating.

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