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“I have not read Zidane’s letter, he did not write it”

  • The president of Madrid assures that he had a bad time seeing Ramos ‘farewell and believes that Casillas’ bad start was due to “something childish”

  • Angry at Atlético de Madrid for an inappropriate allusion to his record

Florentino Pérez ensures that he has not read the farewell letter from Zinedine Zidane, although he believes, as they have said, that the already ex-Real Madrid technician did not write it. This was explained by the white president at dawn this Friday in ‘El transistor’, on Onda Cero, where he assured that he had a bad time watching Sergio Ramos say goodbye, justified the surreal exit that Casillas had in his day (“it was something childish”) and he even had time to make a inappropriate joke about Atlético that the mattress followers have made him pay on social networks.

The march of Zizou

I fought for Zidane to stay, but knowing him, I was not surprised, it was one of the possibilities. This year has been very hard and a coach who gives four press conferences a week ends up exhausted. It is a hazard of the trade and he he tired. Zidane is very simple: when he says he wants to go he has already left “, related Florentino, portrayed days after the announcement of his departure in a farewell letter published in ‘As’ in which he did not come out well.”I haven’t read your farewell letter, I swear on my grandchildren. They told me it was not good and whoever wrote that letter told me it was not him. “

If in that letter it was clear that Zidane was bothered by leaks from the club about his continuity, Florentino has left all responsibility to journalists. “Zidane has been treated well by people and part of the press, another not. But he knows that the press is like that,” the white president said to José Ramón de la Morena. “I could tell he was tired but not from me, from the press, from the media. We have not had a bad season because in both competitions [Liga y Champions] we have been good, although we have not won them. It has not been a normal year, it is not to misjudge the coach “, he valued, before adding:” I have known him since 2001 and He has all the virtues in the world, I love him very much and I wish him the best. You will have an important sports professional life, He has the illusion of being France coach and he will surely succeed“.

The refusal of Raúl

About his successor (and predecessor), Carlo Ancelotti, opens “a new stage”, according to Florentino. We informed ourselves of those that were possible and we thought it could be a good solution. Some coaches leave, others come. “Why didn’t you give the alternative to Raul Gonzalez? “He has all the conditions to be a Real Madrid coach but we needed a change and someone with more experience perhaps than Raúl is needed, which is taking it year after year. Safely will be one of our men for the future“.

Players are also coming. On Sergio Ramos He assured that he had a bad time seeing his goodbye. “I had a hard time at his farewell. I love Sergio like a son, I brought him in 2005. How can you not feel it?” He argued that the absence from the appearance was due to never holding press conferences with the players. “I have adoration for Sergio Ramos and I will not talk about saying and telling. He has spent 16 years here, he has been a legend at Real Madrid and with that all Madridistas are left. Everything we had to say on this issue has already been said, I have said it and he has said it. “And he said he did not know that Madrid’s offer had an expiration date.”We offered him a contract, we told him he had a deadline. And that was the truth. He thought other things and life goes on. You will do very well for sure, this is your home and you will come back safely. It’s a finished topic. “

Open folders are those of Early Y Marcelo. “We have not spoken with him yet. He has gone to the European Championship. Varane has always behaved very well, he is a gentleman. If he wants to leave he will say so and if he wants to stay, he will say so“He said about the French. He also had praise for the Brazilian:” He has one year left on his contract. He’s the captain, he’s earned it, he’s been here for many years. It is difficult to find a left back like Marcelo. Together with his predecessor, Roberto Carlos, I think they are the two best left-backs in history. What he has done has been a show. “

The sad goodbye of Casillas

One of the best in history was also Iker CasillasBut that didn’t get him off to a good start (a cold solo press conference before trying to fix it up with another act the next day. “Casillas did not go well. I called him at night, I proposed to do a farewell act. We did it and it was very nice, what happens is that due to the nerves, the day before had not been very successful. It was a childish thing, and he understood that the people here have to say goodbye well, “said Florentino.

The signing of Mbappé

But the real hot potato in Madrid is Kylian Mbappé. As much as PSG assures that they will play next year in Paris, neither the player renews nor the white fans lose their illusion. And Florentino, without crossing the line so as not to disturb Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, evokes the increasingly distant time of the galactics, of ‘zidanes and pavones’, to keep the spark. “Everybody knows what my policy is, let the best play here. And that mix of the best and the young has given us success. We are working on that. We are this year in a stage of renewal aggravated by the pandemic, “he explained.” Everyone knows what I can do, they trust me. I have brought Figo, Zidane, Ronaldo, Beckham, Cristiano … Those who I and they believe are the best will come, whenever possible. Mbappé is a great player. But it is disrespectful to speak of players who are not at Real Madrid, “he declared.

The works of the Bernabéu

The president of Madrid explained that the works of the Santiago Bernabéu “at least the very fat”, they will be ready by the end of 2022. “The work is conceived so that it is working and at the same time the game can be seen,” the president clarified. “Members will be able to enter. We have to see how the draw is, but It is designed so that during the works you can see football. In principle We do not need to go to play Wanda Metropolitano“he added.

The mockery of Atlético

So finally Madrid will not need to ask the favor of its citizen rival. Perhaps that is why Florentino dared to make a joke about the mattress set that did not sit well with the rojiblanca fans. “Real Madrid is a club used to winning, not like others. How many leagues does Atleti have?” He said to defend his management, but mocking the record of an Atlético who, without eating or drinking it, took a stick. Social networks made Florentino pay him in multiple and varied ways.

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