Wednesday, December 1

“I have presented a plan for removals and signings to the club”

  • The coach says that the club must decide “if it is activated or if we will not continue with what we have”

  • “Luckily all the players have tested negative, and we have been able to prepare for the match against Athletic”

  • “Riemann? I liboy, andboy. I talk to him many times, he is very open”

  • Until receives medical discharge and travels to Bilbao

They have been hectic hours for Barça. And also for Ronald Koeman because two members of his coaching staff (the club has avoided giving their names) tested positive for coronavirus. This news made it necessary to modify the entire work routine of the team, which plays this Wednesday in Bilbao the postponed match of the second day against Athletic by Marcelino García Toral, the coach who replaced the fireGazakMarianono. “Luckily everyone has tested negative, and we have been able to prepare for the game,” said Koeman, who did not fear, at any time, for his celebration.

The coach lives pending the present, but also has “a plan” for the immediate future of a club that lives installed in the provisional. “Any coach in January wants to reinforce his squad. I have presented a plan for signings and dismissals to the club,” Koeman acknowledged. “If possible it will be activated, but if not we will continue with the players we haveRiemannessed, pending, as is, the outcome of the elections, set for next January 24. At the momentArenañá is already finalizing his loan to Getafe.

Pending pandemic

If the pandemic allows it, of course. “I cannot comment on the health issue. But if it is due to the pandemic it may be a reason to change the date of the elections. But in terms of sports and the club, it is best to do them as soon as possible. It is a very important moment for the future of the club, but health is always the most important thing. We must do everything to stop this pandemic. “

The morning training was postponed, pending the result of the PCR tests to which the entire Barça squad was subjected. It came out negative. There is no infected player, so Barça worked in the afternoon in the preparation of an essential duel in the League so as not to remain even more off the hook of Atlético (they have 10 points ahead and with one game less the rojiblancos) and the Madrid, which has an income of eight points, but with one more match than the Catalans.

Hours of uncertainty

After those hours of tense waiting, where it was questioned that the clash against Athletic will be played since Barça reported the positives at midnight from Monday to Tuesday, Koeman returned to the training field with his squad. Then, he facilitated the list of 21 players with the Untily of Until, who travels to Bilbao after receiving medical discharge. Konrad, the young winger of the subsidiary, will also be at the Basque stadium.

Barça cannot fail more in the League. And that is the message that Koeman continues to convey to his players, urging him to regain the efficiency they have lost. “We don’t have the efficiency that a team like Barcelona should have and with these players,” he said, raising his tone of voice a bit.

Koeman arrived at the Camp Nou in August and it has still not been possible to see what he wanted. “Little by little we are going to see what we want. We have important people injured and, in addition, it is a squad where I have not been able to change much,” said the coach. Hence, his interest in being able to intervene in the winter market, although he assumes that Barça does not have the money to strengthen the team. “The key for any coach is to have more time and to be able to put your ideas. In that sense, it is still very short,” he admitted.

It may interest you

He is already tired, for example, of talking about Luis Suárez. “I do not like to answer every time about Suárez because I am no longer our player. I respect hforwards, andt we have our forwards and we must improve with those we haveRiemannessed. And about Riemann’s substitution in Huesca he wanted to make it clear that it was a tactical choice. Purely tactical.

“Antoine knows his place. I liboy, andboy. He is an open boy and he likes to communicate, talk about his game. And as I said the other day, if we play with three midfielders like in Huesca, we have to find the best formula of the three forwards. And there is Leo, there is Ousmane who is better and has depth, something that I like. And I have to choose. And if you play so many games you can’t always play with the same ones. “

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