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“I have proposals from two television production companies”




The exporter of Citizens in the Valencian Community, Toni Cantó, has rejected this Tuesday that he is going to go to the PP and has reiterated that he leaves politics to return to his work as an actor, so he will not be included in any list for the Madrid elections May 4. “I have proposals from two television production companies that I think I will accept,” he assured, but he has not received offers from Genoa.

This is how Cantó has expressed himself in an attention to the media in the Valencian Cortes after resigning his act as a deputy in the chamber and before meeting with the other seventeen parliamentarians of his group.

Until now the Catalan Ombudsman has indicated that he has “lost his illusion in politics” and that he does not feel represented by the leadership of his party, since Inés Arrimadas and her hard core are “moving away from the essence” of Citizens. “I need to believe in what I do and I still believe in the party, but I don’t believe in who runs it,” he pointed out.

«Today I am unemployed, I don’t have a salary. I will not accept to accept on the part of those who are subject to the armchair and their salary – in reference to the leaders of their formation – lessons of nothing. I am a free man and I will do what I want, “he said.

Image of former Citizen Deputy Toni Cantó speaking to the media
Image of former Citizen Deputy Toni Cantó speaking to the media – MIKEL PONCE

Despite this, Cantó has added that he will continue to be a member of Ciudadanos because he believes that there is still an option for the affiliates to take over the leadership of the party that has been “stolen” by people who work behind “the back of what the party deserves. “And whose decisions” lead Ciudadanos to irrelevance. “

The former leader of the orange formation in the Valencian Community has recognized that the PP contacted him to make sure that the agreements in Alicante were not in danger. “I assured them that I did not, but I also told them that none of the decisions had been communicated to me,” he clarified in reference to the motion of no confidence that the Arrimadas party presented in Murcia with the Socialists to remove the popular from power and that has caused a real political earthquake in Spain.

No substitute or substitute yet

At the moment, Toni Cantó has no substitute or substitute in the spokesperson of the parliamentary group of Citizens in the Valencian Courts, although the current deputy spokesperson, Ruth Merino, stands as the most viable option. Merino explained this Tuesday that, for the moment, this election must be agreed with the deputies and with the party leadership.

On the march of the Síndic of the orange formation until yesterday, Merino has affirmed that they respect his decision and, although they continue to “assimilate things”, he thanked Cantó for his work because, in his opinion, he has exercised the role of “head of the opposition”.

Merino has acknowledged that “things could have been done better” in Ciudadanos but “the work continues” because “we continue to think that it is a necessary party.” The governments in coalition with the PP in Alicante, according to the deputy spokesperson, “are strong” and work “very well”, an extreme in which they coincide with the popular ones. Nor does he believe that Ciudadanos has lost its essence, as Cantó has said, although “being from the center is not easy at all” because “they hit you everywhere.”

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