Monday, August 2

“I hope it’s not Messi’s last classic, he’s fine at Barça”

  • Eden Hazard is left out of the list of summoned to receive Barça in Valdebebas

  • The white coach has taken away the significance of the game: “Whatever happens, La Liga is going to be played until the end”

As if he had become aware, Zidane He was more elusive than normal in the preview of the classic league, before Barça’s visit to Valdebebas, directing all the responses to his most neutral and anodyne message: “We want to continue doing things well. We are prepared to give it our all. Then he was encouraged, with complicity, and ended up smiling when talking about the renovations of Sergio Ramos and Messi. “Hopefully it is not his last classic, I hope he stays here,” he said first about his captain. “Neither, either”, he reacted energetically when asked about the possibility of it being the last game against Madrid for the Argentine star of Barça. “That Messi stays at Barcelona, ​​which is fine there. And it is also good for the Spanish league ”, he added immediately afterwards. “We know the player he is and he is not going to change, but they are all very good,” he said later.

Lower Hazard

Among the good news, it comes to light the good run of results accumulated by the white team and, since the victory against Liverpool, the emerging figure of Vinicius: “We are enjoying it, but we have to leave it alone as well. There is a lot of noise about whether he is going to be the best or not, but he is very focused, “said the Madrid coach. The bad is the confirmation that Eden Hazard he continues to be withdrawn and has been left out of the call. Zidane had already escaped at the press conference: “The most important thing for him to play again is the feelings he has,” he said later.

It may interest you

Despite his mentalization, the Madrid coach made an effort to detract from the game against Barça, now ahead of the whites in the standings in the race to catch the leader. “Atlético has an advantage. Whatever happens, The League is going to be played until the end, there are many points left, “said the Frenchman in the middle of his dissuasive responses, also about possible signings:” We are only interested in the game, we will see what he wants to do Mbappe in the future ”, recognized Zidane.

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