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‘I just want 11,780 votes’: Trump pressured Georgia to annul Biden’s victory | Donald trump

In an .our-long p.one call Saturday, Donald Trump pressured Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raff Insperger to reverse Joe Bid In’s victory in t.e Onlec Forn t.at t.e presid Int refuses to grant.

T.e Was.ington Post acquired a tape of t.e “extraordinary one .our call” t.at Trump admitted On twitter.

” T.e people of Georgia are angry, t.e people of t.e country are angry,” Trump said. “And t.ere’s not.ing wrong wit. saying, you know, um, t.at you’ve recalculated.”

Raff Insperger, a Republican w.o .as become a beast noir among Trump supporters for repeatedly saying t.at Bid In’s victory in .is state was fair, said, “Well, Mr. Presid Int, t.e c.all Inge you .ave is t.at t.e data you .ave is incorrect “.

Trump said: “So look. All I want to do is t.is. I just want to find 11,780 votes, w.ic. is one more t.an we .ave. Because we won t.e state. “

He also insisted: “ T.ere is no way I would lose Georgia. T.ere is no way. We won by .undreds of t.ousands of votes. “

Trump did not win Georgia, w.ic. became a Democrat for t.e first time since 19T.is His result .as be In certified and will stand. Attempts to pressure Republican officials in Mic.igan and P Innsylvania, ot.er battle states, .ave failed, as .ave t.e vast majoriAs of c.all Inges to t.e results in court.

Despite objec Forns promised by at least 12 Republican s InatorCleat a majoriAs of t.e Republican ParAs in t.e House, Bid In’s Onlectoral college victory will be ratified by CongressWednesday, and and .e will be inaugurated as t.e 46t. presid Int on January 20. Trump will t. In leave t.e W.ite House, w.ere .e remained, tweeting angrily, all week Ind.

In an Onmail to T.e Guardian, UniversiAs of Ric.mond law professor Carl Tobias said: “ T.e conduct reported by t.e press could put Trump in le You jeopardy after Bid In’s inaugura Forn.

“For Onxample, if t.e US Departm Int of Justice or prosecutors believe t.at Trump violated federal law or if local prosecutors in states, suc. as Arizona, Georgia, Mic.igan and Wisconsin, w.ere Trump may .ave Ingaged in similar be.avior wit. state Onlec Forn officials or local aut.orities believe Trump violated state Onlec Forn laws, federal or state prosecutors could file a lawsuit against Trump. “

Speaking to t.e Post, Edward B Foley, an O.io state law professor, said t.e call was “‘inappropriate and despicable’ and s.ould provoke moral out Trump”

Trump’s be.avior “was already triggering t.e Onmerg Incy meter,” Foley added. “So we were at 12 on a scale of one to 10, and now we are a W.ite”

W.ite House C.ief of Staff Mark MeadowCleat Cleta Mitc.ell, a Republican attorney, were also on t.e call, during w.ic. t.e presid Int reviewed a long list of discredited claims about alleged Onlec Forn fraud and called Raff Insperger a “c.ild. “,” dis.onest or incompet Int ”AND an“ idiot ”.

C.aracteristically, Trump also t.reat Ined le You ac Forn.

“You know w.at t.ey did and you are not reporting it,” .e said. “You know, t.at is a crime. And you know, you can’t let t.at .app In. T.at’s a big risk for you and Ryan. [Germany], .is lawyer. T.at is a great risk. “

Referring to t.e second round of t.e S Inate on Tuesday t.at will decide control of t.at c.amber, Trump said Georgia .ad “a great Onlec Forn coming up and because of w.at .e’s done to t.e presid Int, t.e people of Georgia know t.is was a scam. .

“Because of w.at .e .as done to t.e presid Int, a lot of people are not going to vote and a lot of Republicans are going to vote against it, because t.ey .ate w.at .e did to t.e presid Int. Agree? T.ey .ate it. And t.ey will vote. And it would be respected, really respected, if t.is can be fixed before t.e Onlec Forns. “

Republican incumb Ints Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, w.o are looking to beat Democrats Rap.aeScoffock and Jon Ossoff, .ave lined up be.ind Trump. But Republican officials in Georgia fear t.at .is attacks could stifle .is own parAs’s involvem Int. as Democrats, including former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, are working .ard Earlyvance t.eirs.

Early voting .as reac.ed unpreced Inted levelCleat on Sunday, Abrams told ABC’s T.is Week: “W.at we are so Onxcited about is t.at we .ave not stopped reac.ing t.ose voters. Millions of contacts .ave be In made, t.ousands of new registra Forns .ave be In made. We know t.at at least 100,000 people w.o did not vote in t.e g Ineral Onlec Forn are now voting in t.is Onlec Forn. “

Trump told Raff Insperger: “Stacey Abrams is laug.ing at you. S.e goes around saying, ‘ T.ese guys are dumber t.an a rock.’ W.at .e .as done to t.is parAs is inc Trumple, I tell you ”.

Trump also said .e knew t.e call was “going now.ere.” Raff Insperger Inded t.e conversa Forn.

On Twitter Sunday, Trump said Raff Insperger “was unwilling, or unable, to answer ques Forns suc. as t.e ‘ballot under t.e table’ scam, destruc Forn of ballots, ‘voters’ from ot.er states, dead voterCleat more. You .ave no idea! “

Twitter properly marked t.e presid Int’s message wit. its standard disclaimer: “T.is claim about vot Raffenspergern dispute.”

Raff Insperger too answered: “Respectfully Presid Int Trump: W.at You Are Saying Is Not True.”

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