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“I like Koeman as a coach, he has my full support”

  • “I like to talk about football, maybe I have exceeded a bit,” he admits about the coach’s future

  • “The Cruyff model is non-negotiable. The Cruyffism of the Koeman is undeniable,” he says.

“Perhaps I have exceeded a bit, but I have never said publicly that Riqui Puig should play.” Joan Laporta, the president of Barcelona, ​​wanted to come out in defense of Ronald Koeman. “I like Koeman as a coach, he has my full support and respect,” said the manager in an interview with Esport 3’s ‘Onze’ program.

“I like to talk about football, perhaps I have exceeded a bit,” he repeated to remove tension in his relationship with the Barça coach. “We are talking with him so that he is strong. I do not like a coach who has a year left on his contract, we are looking for that and he has given him strength and confidence,” Laporta commented.

“Koeman has all our respect,” said the Barcelona president on several occasions, convinced that he will fit in with the Cruyffista philosophy that he has always defended. “The Johan style is non-negotiable and the Koeman’s Cruyffism is undeniable. He has a huge Koeman portrait in his office,” the president recalled.

“It is not a challenge to Koeman because he has all my confidence. I talk to him about football, but I will not discuss technical issues with you, I told him one day,” Laporta revealed. “Nor did he do it with Frank Rijkaard or with Pep Guardiola because he would make a fool of himself,” he added, indicating that “no, I have not spoken to Messi since he left.”

Nor did he provide new details about those days when Messi ended up in Paris. “What happened was that some objective data arrived. They pressured us from LaLiga to sign for CVC or we would not have ‘fair play’. This is the summary of what happened,” said the Barça president.

“Without the ‘fair play’, Messi would not have been able to stay even if Griezmann had left before and the captains would have lowered their salary”

Laporta, president of Barça

“We had already shaken hands with Leo. There was a contract first for two seasons, but then we redid it and LaLiga did not accept it. Then we saw that it was impossible given the figures that were available and it was not worth waiting for anything. Without him ‘ fair play ‘, Messi could not have stayed even if Griezmann had left before and the captains had lowered their salary, “the leader stressed.

Damaged relationship with Leo

Since then, Laporta has not spoken to Messi again. And the cold greeting of the last day reveals that everything was deteriorated. Maybe forever. “We were both touched the day he left and it showed. I saw his debut with PSG and I did not like it, it was a strange, rare situation. It is a team with which we have confrontations,” acknowledged the leader, although he specified that “I have to say that there was no departure from the tone during the negotiations. Everything normal in this context. Neither with his father nor with him there was any friction.”

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The president recalled that the “Super League issue is alive, very much alive”, indicating that UEFA will not be able to stop this ambitious project. “In England they have a lot of pressure. It was promoted by the English clubs, United, Liverpool, but there they have a very strong pressure. We could have presented it better, it is true. But the competition format will be very attractive and in terms of income. We will benefit greatly. Meritocracy must be improved. “

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